I’m taking the December Challenge!

A month ago I read this article written by the lovely Kelly from Imperfect Homemaking and I decided to do it too: A Buy Nothing Christmas! I will mostly buy nothing, but I still have a few gifts that I can’t make and want to give (like amazing books!) so I made my own rules.

First I divided my people that I want to see smiling this Christmas into categories like:

  • The Flowers Lovers – which includes the women in my family. They all love flowers and I do too, it runs in the family. The only problem with me is that I just can’t keep a plant alive and healthy (will try again!).
  • “I Already Know the Perfect Gift for You” – and the gift is not something that I am capable of making from scrath but their birthday is no where near and I am too eager to give them “the perfect gift”.
  • Survival Kits – there are some people that need one thing and one thing only to survive (besides water, air, love, food and cats) and I will make them their own survival kit. Some parts will be handmade and some will not. We have to compromise!
  • The Boyfriend – we already talked about the gifts we want for this year (and we both want the same thing!) and we will buy them if we have money.
  • The Far Far Away People – I write letters and made quite some nice friendships and I want to send them a little something to make them smile.
  • The Handmade Gifts Lovers – I know that there are some people that don’t appreciate handmade gifts and I don’t think that they are mean people or anything, but I also know some people that LOVE LOVE LOVE handmade gifts and that personal touch that money can’t buy.
  • Still Have To Think About – and here are the people I don’t know what to buy them. Might made some last minute Christmas shopping or take a risk and give them some of my handmade gifts.

And then I made lists with gifts for each category and a list with materials for the handmade gifts. So it’s not exactly a buy nothing Christmas, but it’s definitely a buy nothing for yourself Christmas. Last year I bought Christmas ornaments and a fake tree but that was because I live in a new town and didn’t have any Christmas stuff here.  But this means that I don’t need any this year so there is no point in buying something I don’t need even though they are so cute and I can’t stop staring at the Christmas stuff the shops bring! There was a single shelfish thing I got (well, he bought it for me): a Christmas mug because we made a tradition to buy a new Christmas mug each year!

What do you plan to buy for this Christmas? And do you like handmade gifts?

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