Have you done your boots?

I am not sure if everyone celebrates Saint Nicholas in the same way we do, but I have been doing it since I was a kid and will do so… mmm, forever. I dearly remember the nights I spent washing and shining my boots so that Saint Nicholas will forget all the times when I was naughty and he will only give me sweets and not a wooden stick.


Please excuse my drawing, I did it in a rush.

Our family has this tradition that we only get sweets on St. Nicholas Day, keeping the big presents for Christmas. So here are some of my favourite sweets to get on Saint Nicholas Day:

  • Kinder Egg – that chocolate was the best in the world (doesn’t taste the same now) and let’s not talk about the toy inside!
  • clementines or mandarines – these still are my favourite “sweets” when it comes to St. Nicholas (or any winter holiday!)
  • fizzy drinks – as a kid, I loved fizzy drinks because I rarely had them – they were expensive. So my parents used to spoil me from time to time with one or two. I am not a big fan of them right now.
  • anything chocolate;
  • those special Heidi chocolate figurines, but I guess the “anything chocolate” covers this one.

So, yeah, anything chocolate was working for me, but clementines were the best thing in the world (and still are!). What were your favourite sweets to get for Saint Nicholas?

8 thoughts on “Have you done your boots?

  1. We exchanged sweets at school today and there were a few Kinder eggs (I gifted one) and they tasted great! Just like they did in childhood, as much as I remember.

  2. i guess people stop being so fun when they grow up?._.

  3. We also exchanged chocolate at school, mostly Kinder Bueno & Mars, ’cause everyone loves those. We also had a party that night, so all in all it was an amazing night. My mother bought me the Lady Gaga perfume. 😀

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