A Walk or “How I Spent My Free Monday Morning”

And yes, I had been meaning to write this article since Monday but life was made to be lived not planned. Oh, who am I kidding? No living at all, Uni had other plans! But that’s ok because Uni was the reason we went for the walk in the first place.
erfdfI worked on my assignment for the Photography class. Analog photography is pretty cool and I’m glad I didn’t pick to go digital. But enough about school, let’s talk our wonderful walk. We woke up early (I usually let him sleep a little bit more), dressed as warmly as we could, grabbed our cameras and went out the door.

We walked around our neighbourhood, spent some time with the kitties, ate some really good pastry products and fed the pigeons, which is one of our favourite activities to do.  More pictures with the birdies here!

sdfsaAnd because it was a free day and we were in need of a way to procrastinate we decided to go to the mall because hubby needs some new earbuds. So we went and I couldn’t help but photograph almost every Christmas decoration. We did some shopping too, but not related to Christmas though they were having some super cute cupcakes ornaments but like I said no Christmas shopping this year!

And since we are so close to the weekend, I am going to end my post with a sweet “Have a lovely weekend full of snow!”. So… Have a lovely weekend full of snow!

One thought on “A Walk or “How I Spent My Free Monday Morning”

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