The Snowman and the Tree

One day I met this Snowman and I had to accept that Christmas is near. I do love Christmas, don’t think I’m a Grinch or Ebenezer Scrooge, but I do not hurry to celebrate it like most of the people do – mainly because this is a special family holiday for me (and this is mainly because I am away from them 9 months a year or more), and if they are not here why rush into decorating and doing all those other Christmasy stuff?

And the Snowman made me feel nostalgic so I went home and skyped with my Mom and Dad and guess what my folks were doing? Decorating the house for Christmas! We always decorate the tree and the house on December 15. My Dad takes care of mounting the tree and putting the lights, Mom decorates the rest of the house and I and the cat adorn the tree. But since I started Uni… our tradition had to change too. So now, on December 15, two trees are decorated:braaaaaaaaaadThe tree is rather small, but I put it on a table so it looks tall. Most of the ornaments are chocolate candies and caramel candies (we found BUBBLE GUM caramel candies! I love the taste of bubble gum!!) because we can’t afford paying too much on Christmas ornaments so candies will suffice.

Decorating the tree is always fun, but I must admit that it was a little bit sad. After I graduate and maybe get a job I will sure make time to be home in time to decorate the tree with my Mom, Dad and cat! These times are pretty hard when you have multiple “homes”.

But enough about me, how is December treating you? And what do you think about Christmas? Any special traditions? Well I hope you have a great time and Happy Holidays!

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