Best thing in the World: Friends

Friends: important creatures that we all need though we might deny it. I admit that I find it really difficult to write an article about them simply and solely because they are so different, yet so necessary. (But the fact that I know have a laptop – kudos to Santa – and I can write an article on the toilet makes it so much better.)

Since this time of year makes me utterly nostalgic and because I don’t say it too often – though I should – and simply because why not, I am going to express my gratitude and love towards all of my friends through a little article. So let’s start!

Thank you for existing (I have to thank your parents too), for your love and kindness, for all the times when you held my hair so I won’t puke on it, for all the times when you searched for the perfect book just because I am so perky, for forgiving me after every mistake, for teaching me through your own mistakes or simply for teaching me, for supporting me, for the coffees and beers that you drank with me (and for those you paid for me), for accepting me and for understanding my queer personality.

En fin, I thank you all because you are still “here” though I moved miles away (and I did lose some friends because of a futile thing like distance so I am even more grateful). Thank you for reading.

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