Otaku Sunday #1: The Winter Season

Keep in mind that this post is not trying to be a first impression one – though it ends being one. Also, at the time I wrote it most of the episodes weren’t out yet.

I can tell you from my own experience that the Winter Anime Season is usually the boring one. I have a few theories why things are the way they are but I might share them some other time. But, yeah, Winter Anime Season – not that exciting. But you never know what gems you might find, for example, Another was the biggest surprise last Winter – fantastic horror anime so check it out if you haven’t already. But let’s jump into what I might watch this Season and what I will watch for sure. (I cheated, in a loose sense of the word: some episodes are out already so I watched them and added things or removed things from my list but I will mention that where is the case.)

Gonna start with the ones I might watch – I already saw one (or two) episode from some, but I’m still not convinced:
Ai Mai Mi is a 3 minute show – there are a lot of them this Winter – about Ai, Mai, Mi and the purple girl (sorry for not knowing her name) and something to do with manga. I am only watching this because it’s short – initially wasn’t on my to-watch-list -, but after the first episode I already know it’s not my type and I find it rather stupid. I will watch another episode just to make sure. And since we are talking about 3 minute shows, I forgot to put a picture with Boku no Imouto wa “Osaka Okan” but that is okay because I dropped it after the first episode.

The next one is Cuticle Detective Inaba – but I closed the episode after the first minutes. I might give it another chance if someone is convincing me that it’s worth my time. The show might not have anything wrong with it, it’s just simply not my type (hello, it’s a shounen – I rarely find a shounen I like) and my sense of humor is pretty… non-existing?

Now let’s venture into another 3 minute show: Mangirl! Don’t know what’s with short anime about manga this season but this is the second one (first one is Ai Mai Mi). But this one is not about drawing manga – though I’m not sure if Ai Mai Mi is about that -, but about creating a manga magazine. The characters are cute, though very common in the anime world. But this doesn’t stop the show from being short and funny and I like it!

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is a normal length show (finally, right?). I already saw the first episode (and the second one is out but I didn’t have time for it yet) and I don’t really have an opinion (I must remember myself this is not a first impression kind of post) because I was expecting something different. The show is about the Hero and the Demon King – whom is a girl -, a lot of talking about war, big boobies and this, this and this (I borrowed the images from Metanorn). I am sometimes okay with ecchi stuff and fanservice (like in the case of Kiss x Sis – no reason what so ever) but most of the times I am not (when there could be a great story I am definitely not when the anime focuses on boobs and not on the plot like Highschool of the Dead) – and guess what, I have no idea how I feel about Maoyuu Maou Yuusha.

Savanna Game sounds and looks interesting and reminds me of Btooom! somehow, but there’s no episode out yet. Tamako Market is another K-ON!-looking-like anime that is out there. I must confess that moe is cute and bubbly and makes me happy and after watching the first episode I think this anime should be moved into the “will watch for sure” category. And the last on the maybe-watching-list is Vividred Operation, a sci-fi anime that might just be interesting – has a lot of bottoms in it (you could have guessed that after the image I used) but I don’t have a problem with that (so far).

Now let’s talk about shows I will watch for sure because of various reasons (the art, interesting plot, all that jazz):

Amnesia was the anime I was most excited about until last Monday when I finished the first season from Chihayafuru and because it was so great, now the second season from Chihayafuru is the one I most excited about – it’s just bad timing, I guess. Amnesia has interesting art and also a quite nice plot – a girl doesn’t remember anything from her past and Orion, a spirit, helps her. But the first episode wasn’t anything that I expected it to be. Has good, interesting parts, but also a lot of what-the-f**k parts (like the clothes!!).

The current most expected anime by me this Season is the second season from Chihayafuru (also known as Chihayafuru 2). This show is so entertaining and great that I don’t even know how to talk about it. We have great characters, an interesting form of art (Karuta – some might consider it a sport like chess), a nice plot, great art and an atmosphere that captivates. I can’t wait!! (The first episode is out but I still don’t have time for it, but maybe tonight.)

Sasami-san@Ganbaranai (Sasami is not the one in the picture, my bad) is another anime with an interesting plot: Sasami is a hikikomori and views the outside world through “Brother Surveillance Tool” on her computer. Sounds pretty nice and unique so let’s hope it stays that way. The first episode was really funny and the watercolour-like parts were awesome for me. It’s a hilarious show and so far I am OK with it.

And the last anime I’m watching is Yama no Susume. I already saw the first two episodes and the only complain I have is that it’s a 3 minute show!! Why?? It’s so cute and fluffy and the characters are adorable, so why SO SHORT?

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