2013 Resolutions

I used to think that resolutions are bullshit. You make them so you fail them. But after a little bit of thinking I realized that I kept my 2010 and 2011 resolutions (didn’t make one in 2012 because I thought I wasn’t good at keeping my resolutions). This is why I made some for this year. Have a lot to change in my life and the New Year is a good place to start (but I do think that change should happen in the moment you think about it and you should not wait for New Year to start something), but I know it’s not in my best interest to try to make too many changes in one go, which is why I limited my resolutions to three big ones:

  • First one will be to stop procrastinating. Did it a lot last year and it’s time to put a stop to it. I’m pretty sure that I won’t stop completely, but if I manage to reduce it I will be so much happier.
  • The second one was picked by my boyfriend: stop being so clumsy. I am one hell of a clumsy person. I cut myself, I break glasses, I… let’s just say that I do a lot of stuff that makes my life harder.
  • And the last one is to stop multitasking, start single tasking. And I am writing this while watching TV… I read many articles that are against multitasking because you might do more in less time, but most of the times the things aren’t done too well.

I also have small resolutions and I will probably set new goals in February (’cause I do that every year – hey, it’s the Chinese New Year!) and I still have the list with things to do before I turn 22. And I set a common New Year resolution with my Mom: we will both try to eat healthier (and we will cook some of Jamie’s recipes together sometimes). I will also try to write some monthly posts talking about how I am doing with my resolutions.

See you later, alligator!

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