Adventurous List #1

Lately, my life was boring: school, school, school, not going out, no time for reading… I am very busy with school and the exams period is starting on Monday so I will have even more to worry about but I just can’t stand having a boring life, not even when exams are my main priority. Which is why I decided to make a list with fun things to do and I will concentrate on them (exams are still the priority) and maybe I will make another list after this one.


  • more cuddling
  • write some more (short stories or simple articles)
  • wear my diamond ring more
  • eat a cake
  • discover a new ice cream
  • wear the black dress (I will need a fancy reason for wearing it!)
  • eat out
  • wear nude lipsticks
  • enjoy a coffee in the cold weather
  • wear hair in a cute updo
  • wear more cute sparkly makeup
  • have a night out in a cute dress with the black cardian
  • try green makeup!

This is my list! Feel free to share any cute and fun ideas you have and I will put them on my next list! I will try to write a post when I will do things from the list! Have a nice weekend!

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