Otaku Sunday #2: Of Witches and Ghosts

This week I was really busy and only had time for the Winter Anime and since I did not want to write another long post about the Winter Season I decided to come back to that post-formula I was telling you about a few Otaku Sundays ago. Only this time we won’t have an anime to talk about because as I said, way too busy and only watched the new anime episodes of the current season. This was a way too long introduction so let’s jump into our main course:

The Pale Horse is a manhwa (a Korean manga) set in France 1835. It follows a blonde insecure girl called Rose Dupre who is believed to be the witch’s daughter. There are only 15 chapters out and I can’t wait to read more! I discovered it in December, last year and I was amazed!

The art is incredible – and it’s the main reason why I was attracted to this manhwa but after the first pages I was captivated by the enchanting story. It was like reading a Gothic novel – and if you know me, you know that I am sucker for Gothic, dark, horror stories. The characters are constructed really well and fit the story perfectly.

But it’s not the art or the good characters why I recommend you The Pale Horse – IT’S THE STORY! It’s so twisted and filled with mysteries that you can’t stop reading. And it is all served with good art and an outstanding atmosphere.


And since we don’t have an anime to talk about today I am going to share with you an exciting news: we will enjoy a new Ghost in the Shell this year. It’s called Ghost in the Shell Arise. I don’t know yet if it’s another movie or a TV series, but there’s an entire new look for our main character. Is that good or bad? Personally I have a problem adapting to sudden changes when it comes to almost everything and I am not too keen on the new look of Motoko Kusanagi. But since I decided I am optimistic this week let’s look at the bright side of the things: we have a reason to re-watch all of the previous Ghost in the Shell films, right?

So what do you think? Did I convinced you to read The Pale Horse? And what do you think about the new design of Motoko Kusanagi? I hope you enjoyed this Otaku Sunday and have a great day!

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