Lipsticks, fish and a romantic Italian lunch

Hey, guys! I am taking a break from studying and working on my exams to write a blog post – put in other words: I’m procrastinating! Do you remember my Adventurous List? Well, I did most of them!

I have three nude lipsticks and I am proud to say I used a little bit from each this week – I still can’t make myself to like one of them, one is the perfect nude-colour-of-my-lips-but-better and the one in the picture (Farmassi no. 17) is my favourite.

A few days ago it rained and it was the perfect excuse to procrastinate to use my new umbrella! So I made a quirky bun, grabbed my book and bag and head out to… dance in the rain and enjoy a coffee from McDonald’s. Then I took the bus to the nearest fun place I could think of and guess what I discovered there! A pool with fish! The perfect place to enjoy a good book (The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman).


When hubby was done with his exam he joined me and we had a spontaneous cute date: I ate a delicious mozzarella sandwich and he an ice cream. Then we did some grocery shopping and I discovered a very good ice cream (with cocoa powder, biscuits in wine and other tasty ingredients).

The next day we went out because it was the birthday of one of our friends (Happy Birthday, Aron – though you probably aren’t reading this). It was the perfect occasion to wear the sexy black dress with the black cardigan AND some nude sparkly makeup! We had fun, but unfortunately my stomach didn’t – I had a long period of stress and my eating schedule was ignored.


And because I wasn’t feeling really well, on Sunday my hubby made a romantic lunch (homemade Italian food) at home for me! This wasn’t on the list or anything, but I thought it was nice to mention because it is a great memory of 2013! Of course, we ate while watching Boondocks because we aren’t your ordinary type of romantic couple. Hihi!

I think I only have two or three things left on the list. After that, I will make another one because I’m having a lot of fun with these cute lists. Hope you like them too! See you next time! ❤

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