The Birthday List: 21 Before 22

My birthday was in November, but I did not have this blog then so I am going to post my birthday list here too. Maybe I will write some update-posts in the future just to keep myself on track. Oh, this list is not my idea, I saw it on different blogs and decided to do it too.

  1. Keep an art journal during next summer (2013).
  2. Read HOMESTUCK – I am really behind with it and I wanna catch up my friends.
  3. Watch ALL the Doctor Who episodes.
  4. Bake a cake – I love cooking, but I am really scared of this one.
  5. Save some money – and maybe spend it all on my next birthday.
  6. Perfect another language – French, Spanish or Japanese… or maybe I start a new one, bu I don’t think so.
  7. Have a plant AND DO NOT KILL IT!
  8. Learn how to meditate.
  9. Call my family more often.
  10. Have less stuff in my life – and make more room for friends and family.
  11. Spend some nights alone in Cluj.
  12. Visit another country or a big city in Romania.
  13. Visit an art museum I haven’t seen yet.
  14. Have a Summer job.
  15. Reread the Harry Potter books and have a Harry Potter marathon.
  16. Be healthier: mentally, physically and spiritually.
  17. Don’t stop blogging, yet.
  18. See a shrink.
  19. Read 20 or 30 books that I have always wanted to read but didn’t make time for them.
  20. Watch FRIENDS all Summer with my bff or alone or with my friends – just watch FRIENDS and laugh.
  21. Discover new music.

I am currently working on some of them but I will write more about that in an update post. As you can probably guess, I will take care of most of them in the Summer since right now I am really really busy with school.

Have a gorgeous weekend. And… do you have any ideas what things to include on my “22 Before 23” (not that I hurry to get old or anything)?

3 thoughts on “The Birthday List: 21 Before 22

  1. Best of luck with this! It’s truly a wonderful idea 🙂

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