Otaku Sunday #3: Old Loves

This week at Otaku Sunday we are rediscovering some old loves. A lovely manga that it’s so not me but it’s the second time I read it and an anime from last Fall that I almost forgot about.


Rosario+Vampire is a manga I discovered when I was in high school and may I say? it was love at first sight! And it was totally not my type. I like shoujo manga the most and I hate ecchi. Well, Rosario+Vampire is the opposite of shoujo (it’s kinda shounen) and has a lot of ecchi scenes, but even so… I still love it!

The story follows Aono Tsukune, a normal human who ends up in a high school for monsters. There he meets Akashiya Moka, a gorgeous vampire who fell in love with Tsukune’s blood. In a few chapters, Tsukune manages to gather a harem of monster-girls (another thing I don’t like: harems – but with R+V I have no problem!) and to get in a lot of problems.

It’s an awesome supernatural manga and the ecchi parts are easy to ignore. The drawing style is great and original. It’s a truly enjoyable manga. But… do not try the anime – way too ecchi!


This Sunday I woke up in the mood for a good sci-fi anime and I remembered that I am behind with Psycho-Pass, a great anime from last year’s Fall season. Hey, it might even be the greatest anime from last Fall, but Btooom! was way more entertaining and I couldn’t make time for both of them (but now I can watch Psycho-Pass and the Winter Season because I have Exams period!). The action takes place “in the near future”, where a person’s mental state dictates your life. There is a device called Psycho-Pass and every human has it and that device makes possible measuring a person’s mental state and the probability of committing crimes.

Yeah, the anime has it all: crime, mystery, action and great characters that evolve along with the story. What more do you want for a very busy Sunday? Oh, and since last time I talked about Ghost in the Shell, I have to add just one more thing: this anime is pretty similar with it!

I just hope your Sunday is not as busy as mine and that you will give Psycho-Pass a chance or maybe try Rosario+Vampire. Have a nice day and a nicer week!

2 thoughts on “Otaku Sunday #3: Old Loves

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