Adventurous List #2

Had so much fun trying to do everything from the first list that I decided to do it again. And it’s a joy to write diary-posts based on the things from the list – I’ll try to write more of them in the future. Sadly, this list is not as long as the other one, but maybe I will be more inspired in the future.


  • buy a newspaper or a magazine
  • write some more
  • Chinese food – make at home or eat out
  • paint – I rarely paint and when I do it’s mostly watercolours…
  • try a “covridog” – can you imagine that I never had one though I lived in this city for a year and half?
  • wear hair in a different way
  • speaking of hair… pigtails when at home!
  • go for dark red lipsticks
  • start carrying cat food in my bag again
  • bake something sweet

And the best part about the Adventurous Lists is that they don’t have a deadline. Have a happy day!

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