The New Shows of This Year

I like discovering new shows to watch – especially when I have exams. I try to watch at least the pilot episode from every new series that sounds a little bit interesting. Unfortunately, new TV shows aren’t as easy to discover since I don’t spend much time looking for them so if there is something great out there make sure to leave it in a comment – I will be glad to give it a try. But right now let’s talk about this four nice shows that started recently. Oh, I am gonna talk about them in the order I started them.
new tv show
Deception is some kind of a soap-opera that sounded like Revenge but it’s really different. It follows Joanna, a cop who goes undercover into the wealthy family she grew up in (because her mother was a maid there) trying to solve the murder of her best friend – the daughter of the family. She gets a new job as Robert Bowers’ assistant (the head of the family) and she lives with them, being force to stay real in a world of lies and to face her past relationship for the greater truth. It’s definitely not the best show in the world, but it’s good enough for boring nights and study breaks.

The Carrie Diaries, on the other hand, is an awesome and super enjoyable show – a prequel to Sex and the City but with a few changes (I read – forgot where – that this series follows the book more than the original one). Here he have a teen Carrie – interpreted by AnnaSophia Robb who does an outstanding performance – struggling with the death of her mother and high school so her father gets her an internship at a law-firm in Manhattan: her first date with the city. The show is so sweet and funny and I am also excited because of Freema Agyeman (who plays Larissa Loughlin) or as I know her Martha Jones from Doctor Who! Oh, and did I forget to mention we are in the ’80s? Just imagine the fashion!

My favourite one is The Following! Found it a few days ago and I couldn’t stop watching – too bad ’cause it only has two episodes so far and because of that I found a half an hour “Introduction – The Following” or something like that where the producers and writers and actors share their thoughts and tell us a little bit more about The Following! The show is about a really handsome serial killer that escapes from prison and the ex-agent, who caught him in the first place, is asked to catch him again. What I forgot to mention is that our serial killer is an English literature professor specialized in the romantic period mostly and a big fan of Edgar Allan Poe hence his obsession with death as art and other things he does. But still, while watching this awesome pilot episode you can’t help by wonder how much can they keep the series like this? And the answer comes really fast: our serial killer is captured (say what!?) but he has an ingenious plan: while in prison he has formed a cult and now he has people who kill and do stuff for him, while he relaxes and reads in prison. If you love crime TV series, nice characters and E. A. Poe, then this show is for you! In the Introduction they said that they want to make the viewers talk about the episodes and be like “oh, dear, I did not expected that”. So far, they are successful!

And the last TV show I discovered last night: Banshee. Banshee is great when it comes to writing and acting. It is about an ex-con who steals the identity of a sheriff in the town of Banshee. There are a lot of secrets in this town and in every episode you find something new about the characters. Also, it’s filled with sex, blood and violence because our new sheriff likes to f**k and fight! Oh, and the poster for this show is just GREAT!

That’s all, folks! Make sure to recommend me new shows and to tell what do you think about the ones I just talked about. Love them or hate them?

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