January Favourites 2♥13

Hey, guys! I used to have a makeup & beauty blog last year and I remember really enjoying writing favourites-posts at the end of the month. And this is why I decided to do them on this blog too. So we’ll have mostly beauty & makeup products, but also some random things and maybe some fashion items.


The month of January was a really stressful one for me and I rarely had time to put on some makeup but I made sure to make time for long hot showers because they help with my stress level so this is the main reason I have so many bath products.

  • the natural liquid soap is from an aunt from Germany and it’s the first bio liquid soap I used and I love it (it’s almost empty). Oh, and if you are wondering why it’s so dirty it’s because I work with typographic ink and other hard to clean substances.
  • the soap bar is homemade by an aunt from Spain (I’m actually wearing her engagement ring – you’ll see more of it later) and she sends me soaps (she sends to the entire family) from time to time.
  • the volumising shampoo is from Avon and has hibiscus and raspberries. I wasn’t a bit fan of Avon shampoos but Mom bought this one for my birthday and it’s really gentle and delivers what it promises.
  • the other shampoo is from a French brand called Petrole Hahn and it’s special for oily hair. The only reason why it is here it’s because it smells like candies! And it doesn’t say that anywhere on the bottle but I want to eat it every time I use it.
  • another product that’s almost gone is the shower cream with Indian cotton flower from Yves Rocher – it makes my skin really soft and lovely.


Since the previous month was so hectic and stressful I rarely had time to put makeup on – yup, not even foundation or BB cream. But I still managed to gather a few stuff that I used a lot.

  • I dared myself to wear more nude lipsticks because in the Winter time I go crazy about reds and dark shades. And the lipstick I used the most was Vintage Nude from Oriflame. It isn’t my favourite shade I own but it’s the closest to my lips colour and perfect for no makeup days when I still want something on my face. It’s easy to apply even without a mirror.
  • this is a new nail varnish that I got for Christmas. And the reason why it’s here it’s because I painted my nails three weeks ago and the colour is still on my nails (with little chips here and there). Plus, the colour is really pretty.
  • and my favourite lip balm is an organic one called simply “Lip Balm In Love”. My favourite Aunt gave it to me for Christmas. I read and article a while ago that said that certain ingredients from the lip balms make you addicted to them and they actually don’t do anything good for your lips. Well, this lip balm has none of those ingredients so yeey!


And now it’s time for some random favourites!

  • due to exam period and stress I drank a lot of tea: Earl Grey instead of coffee (I gave up coffee a long time ago) and herbal Lemon tea (without lemons – this is weird) for relaxation.
  • in November and December I had a lot of health problems due to cold weather, but this January I was prepared: Vitamin C and Propolis (have a typo in the picture, sorry) everyday keeps the flu and colds away!
  • last week we bought a box of Fortune Cookies and they are super delicious – we didn’t expect them to be so good.

As for some fashion and accessories favourites… I don’t really shop for clothes. Mom buys me clothes like every other week (from thrift stores) and my Aunt gives me clothes from time to time because she loves shopping and she shops a lot, too much actually so she passes down to me.

  • had the pearly earrings on me everyday. I have them from my Mom and I re-discovered them last month.
  • and the ring is the one I told you about earlier. It’s my Aunt’s engagement ring and she gave it to me when she got married.
  • the shirt is from my shopaholic Aunt and it’s pretty long and sometimes I wear it like a dress (always with tights or leggings).
  • the pink cardigan from H&M is a presnet from my Aunt and I started loving pink quite recently and mainly because of her. I mostly paired it with the green shirt.


Because of stress and being busy with exams I did not have time much time to read, but when I did it was The Graveyard Book by my favourite author, Neil Gaiman. It a lovely book and I’m almost done with it. I also love the bookmark I use for it. I will probably make a post about it because it’s a really enjoyable children book with a dark edge.

And my last favourite is my new Nikon camera that I won from Jamie Oliver! I will soon talk about this too because it’s one of the greatest thing that happened to me this year so far!

5 thoughts on “January Favourites 2♥13

  1. First things first: it’s so good to have aunts! :))
    I want more details about the shampoos. I have a biiig problem here. Right now i’m using an anti-dandruff shampoo from Gerovital and it turned out to be quite good. However, the time has come for me to change it. At least for a while. Once my hair gets used to the shampoo i’m using, it starts acting out again. So … i need a new one…
    I have a little eye shadow from Rimmel that’s exactly the same shade as your nail polish! 😀
    I want to try fortune cookies too! I dunno where i can find some tho… I’ll have to make a list similar to your “adventurous” one and i’ll put fortune cookies on there. 😀
    Please, do tell the story of your Nikon! It sounds really interesting!
    Good luck on your exams! 😀

    • I know! Aunts are the greatest invention of the humanity!
      Si parul meu face la fel, cand se obisnuiste cu un sampon trebuie imediat altul – asa ca am trei si le tot invartesc. Cel de la firma aia frantuzeasca de are numele ciudata e pentru par gras si anti-matreata (desi eu nu prea am probleme cu matreata) dar nu e cine stie ce ca sampon ci doar ca miros de bombonele, iar cel de la Avon m-a uimit. E de la Avon Naturals si e cu raspberry si hibiscus si imi trezeste parul la viata – parul meu duce lipsa de volum :D.

      Fortune Cookies-urile le-am luat de la LIDL (aveam o saptamana asiatica, acum nu stiu daca mai gasesti), dar am gasit multe retete si instructiuni pe youtube si poate le fac candva.

      Postul despre Nikon o sa-l scriu dupa examenele de azi…care incep intr-o ora si ar trebui sa ma pregatesc de placare (inca sunt in pijamale).

  2. Eu am incercat o singura data un sampon de la Avon acu muuult timp si n-a fost bun deloc. Poate ii mai dau totusi o sansa. Si parul meu duce lipsa de volum si in functie de nivelul de stres incepe sa si cada si mai apare si matreata. 😦
    Aaaaaah fir-ar!! Stiam ca e saptamana asiatica la Lidl si am tot tinut sa mergem si oha! N-am mai apucat. Dar stiu ca au mai tot fost saptamani asiatice la Lidl. Sper sa n-o pierd pe urmatoarea. 😀
    Good luck! :3

    • Da, au mai fost – dar acum ceva timp. Si eu sper sa revina pentru ca sunt minunate fortune cookiesurile!

      Si eu am avut aceeasi experienta cu Avon cand am incercat in trecut, dar pe asta l-a cumparat mama si s-a nimerit sa fie tocmai bun :3

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