I got a cool camera from Jamie Oliver!

I said I will talk about this a few posts ago but the exams were in the way. Now I am free and have all the time in the world (aka one week) to write this post!

It happened one Thursday night, the end of January (the current year). I was studying for my Comparative Anatomy exam (scored a 9 by the way!) and I knew that Jamie will have a live show on YouTube because it was the day he launched his new YouTube channel called Food Tube and I wasn’t sure if to take a break from my studies and watch the show or not. And guess what I did! I decided not to stop… but then I took a normal 5-minute break from studying and went on YouTube to watch a short video or something and there it was: a huge message telling me about the live show. “Oh, what the f**k, just for 5 min!” I said to myself as I pressed the button. 30 min later I won the camera and I was way to happy and excited to be able to study (but I did try and since I got a pretty nice grade I did a great job, right?).

Now let’s throw in some details, OK? First they gave  away a food processor and the rule was “first to comment, gets the prize”. I tried, though I never won (until the camera) on YouTube stuff and I didn’t really have room in the kitchen for the processor and I did not win. But after 15 or 20 min they gave away a Nikon camera and I got utterly excited and when they said “first one to comment” I just “MEOW”d. No, seriously, I typed “MEOW” and pressed enter and after a minute or so Barry (the guy from My Virgin Kitchen) said that the winner is Codpick (my username on YouTube). I just couldn’t believe it and then I showed my boyfriend too to make sure they were really talking about me and they did. Next thing I did was calling my Mom and tell her too.

Next day I got a message from Paul (from Food Tube team) asking for my details. And in less than a week (or a week, I don’t really know) the camera was here! I had some problems with the post office but in the end they gave me the package and know it is here and I take pictures with it every single day.

It’s a freaking good camera (especially compared with our old ones) and I am so happy and still surprised that I won.


The red and white ribbon was on the box in the live show and I was surprised when they send it too. Left corner – first picture with the camera. Right corner – the camera (too lazy to use a mirror so I used the webcam).

And here is the live (min 48 or so is the moment where I win).

3 thoughts on “I got a cool camera from Jamie Oliver!

  1. Whoaaa! Felicitari! Nici eu n-am castigat vreodata ceva la chestii de genu’, dar am si participat destul de rar. Cred ca tocmai din cauza ca stiam ca nu-s norocoasa de fel. 😀

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