Otaku Sunday #5: Recommendations for Valentine’s Day

I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day and I am not single, but we are just one of those couples who doesn’t do V-Day! I don’t resonate with the commercial part of the holiday or with the obligation to do something to show your love on a certain day – it’s more special when you receive a spontaneous gift than when you know you are going to get one. Still… I love doing V-Day DIY crafts and projects and re-watching some good old anime with a romantic theme. So I am going to share with you some of those anime!

Oh, and I love even more the way Japanese celebrates Valentine’s Day. In Japan, V-Day was imported by the chocolate companies which is why on this day women give chocolate to men, and a month later, on 14th March (also name the White Day) the men give chocolate to women. There are two types of chocolate that are given on V-Day in Japan: obligatory chocolate for colleagues or friends (just so they won’t feel left out) and true chocolate (usually homemade) – I don’t really remember the correct term for it – for the man you have feelings for. I might celebrate V-Day the Japanese style this year because tomorrow I will make a pixel-heart-box perfect for my gamer boyfriend. But now let’s talk about anime!


Nodame Cantabile is a lovely romantic comedy anime filled with passion for… music. First, you must keep in mind that this anime is not your typical romance anime. Quite the opposite. Our story takes place in a music college where the genius Noda Megumi (or Nodame) falls in love with Chiaki, an arrogant musician whose dream is to play in Europe but he’s scared of flying. The beautiful music, the whimsical atmosphere and the charismatic characters will make your V-Day brighter whether you are single or not.spiceandwolf

Or maybe you are in the mood for a romantic fantasy. Spice and Wolf is another anime perfect for a romantic holiday. Holo and Lawrence Kraft meet in a weird way and since then they travel together – a lovely journey in the medieval times, a long journey with tons of dialog. But these things are what makes this anime so enjoyable and perfect for V-Day. And if you like it, you should check Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, an anime from the current season, that is very similar to Spice and Wolf (they are made by the same studio – if I remember correctly -, and the protagonists share the same voice actors – called seyuus in Japan).


And if you are in the mood for a hilarious shoujo anime then Lovely Complex will do the trick for you. Risa is a very very tall girl while Ootani is a shorter than the average boy who, obviously, is a little sensitive about his height. And what’s a boy to do when Risa, a way to tall girl, confesses her feelings towards him? Ignore her and then fall in love with her.

I tried to present different types of unusual romantic anime and I hope you will like at least one of these three. There are of course more but I will write all night and then this Otaku Sunday will transform into an Otaku Monday. Oh, and in case you are single and hate Valentine’s Day or just need a drama because everyone is way too happy for a normal 14th February, then you can get your other single girlfriends (or just your best friend) and watch Nana, another great anime with funny parts as well as sad parts.

Have a great week and please do tell me your plans for V-Day! Or how do you feel about this commercial holiday: hate it or love it?

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