Last Week in Photos #01

Since I got my awesome camera from Jamie Oliver, I decided to do one of my favourite types of blog posts: Week in Photos! I love reading them and I loved writing them on my makeup&beauty blog. I did them on Sunday as most of the bloggers I read do, but since Sunday is busy with Otaku Sunday, I am going to do them on Monday – like this I will have time to include whatever awesome things might happen on a Sunday night (there’s usually nothing awesome happening but you never know).


Santa mug | 1st Harry Potter book | a scarf my boyfriend’s mom made for me
pears compote | delicious Chinese food | eating Chinese food
current favourite tea | an organized desk | Winter

I drank a lot of green tea (especially the Tess Green Tea with Lime that you can see in the pictures) and that is unusual for me since I often drink more black tea than green tea, but since school is over (and I only had four exams that week) I just didn’t feel the need for green tea. We got a package with food from my boyfriend’s mom – a lot of jam and compotes and a surprise for me: a super cool handmade scarf!

I reread Harry Potter and I felt wonderful – it’s a great feeling to reread something that means so much to me and through Harry Potter I met one of my best and dearest friend, mih. We ate Chinese food: a delicious hot and sour soup and fried rice with beef and onions, chicken and bamboos and Chinese mushroom and chili pork! Heaven on Earth!

And yesterday (or the day before) I cleaned and organized my desk and now it’s a pleasure to type at it (might even do a post just to show you how proud I am of my work). The weather was crazy: it couldn’t decide between Winter and Spring, but I still prefer Winter and right now Winter it is.

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