Simple crafts for V-Day

I was pretty excited to do something (not necessarily for Valentine’s Day) that involved creating something that doesn’t involve drawing (since I do that a lot). I guess I just like creating things and V-Day was the perfect excuse. I had more in mind, but I am sick and my neck is killing me and there is no xerox nearby and we don’t have a printer here… so I did what I could. The theme was once again “hearts” (like it was with the nail designs).


The thing about arts&crafts is to do something you like, but to also enjoy the process of making it not just the final product. So I did what I love: painting with watercolours, origami and something related to books! All the crafts I picked are easy to make, cheap and don’t take much time. I must also mention that none of them were my idea.

hhear   hearts

I did these cute heart shaped bookmarks. They are adorable and I made so many so that I can share my love for reading with others. Here’s how to make them! A few year ago I made some origami bookmarks that are similar to these hearts, but the hearts were so much easier to make ’cause you use old envelopes – this way, they are also very special, right?


Speaking of origami. I did an origami heart and here’s how to make it! It seems hard and I must admit some of the steps are not easy, but if you have a little bit of patience you will make a beautiful heart! And here is an idea of how to use the heart.


And here’s something done with one of my favourite things in the world: watercolours! Mine is not as pretty as the source of inspiration because I was experimenting. While playing with my watercolours and reading something my best friend wrote in our joint diary, I got another idea – making cards with watercoulour hearts for Dragobete (a Romanian holiday similar to Valentine’s Day).

And if you have time and a printer you should try this one and this one. I am going to do them, but not this time. Have fun creating!

2 thoughts on “Simple crafts for V-Day

  1. Those are lovely! :3 And I think I’m gonna do the last one :3 Thank you for the ideas >:D<

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