V-Day Movie Recommendations

I just realized that “recommendations” is such a long word! Before jumping to the conclusion that I may be insane (they are still testing that) let me say that today I was so sick (and still am) that I forgot twice – TWICE! – to write this post. I almost gave up but then I knew I’ll feel worse because I didn’t keep my word so here I am… writing… sick… about movie recommendations for V-Day. If you think you are going to read another one of those cheesy articles about cheesy romantic-comedies then you are so wrong, my bro! I don”t fancy those movie – rarely there’s one I like. But enough with the introduction. Let’s talk movies:

amour, silver linings, impossible

Since I am pretty excited about the Oscars I decided to pick some films from there (plus, they are the most recent films I’ve seen so…):

  • Amour. Yesterday I watched Amour and this is here just for those of you who like Michael Haneke or if you think you are strong enough to watch it – no, it won’t necessarily bring you to tears (it’s not that kind of movie). To be honest my ALC professor (Art, Literature and Cinema) recommended us not to watch it until we will be older. The poster was created by Matt Owens (and here are some other awesome posters created by him). Why for V-Day: it’s the definition of love
  • Silver Linings Playbook. This movie, oh, this movie! What a surprise! I didn’t not expect it to be this awesome. I knew it was a romantic- comedy and that’s about all my knowledge of the film before watching it. No! This is not a romantic-comedy (ok, it is, but not your typical one), this is a fantastic movie with GREAT GREAT acting and smart writing.  The poster is created by Joshua Budich (and here are some more). Why for V-Day: because it’s a romantic-comedy that is too good for its own genre.
  • The Impossible (or Lo Imposible in the original – it’s in English, but produced by a Spanish studio or something like that). It’s a film about the survivors of a tsunami. Yes, it is made after a real event and while some critics considered it too dramatic and unrealistic, the actually survivors from that actually tsunami were touched and confessed that it is exactly how it happened (and by survivors I am not referring to the protagonists). I’m sorry I couldn’t find an awesome poster for this one. Why for V-Day: it gives you hope for the humanity.

mirror mirror, once upon a time

And if you don’t fancy any of those presented before, than maybe you are in the mood for a modern adaptation of a fairy tale, right? I hope so… oh, c’mon, who doesn’t like fairy tales? And the thing about them is that they can be transformed to fit our current society. When Disney first made Snow White she was just a princess waiting for her prince like most of the women in those times, but nowadays, the princesses are so much more! They don’t need a prince, they can take care of themselves and they can even save a few other people while taking care of themselves – just like our modern women, right? I recommend you Mirror Mirror because it’s a witty film with amazing costumes created by Eiko Ishioka (who died last year). And if you have more time on your hands then you can have an Once Upon a Time marathon where Snow White’s daughter is trying to save the fairy tales.

how to marry a mill

Last but not least: How To Marry A Millionaire. This is an old comedy with Grable, Monroe and Bacall, all three looking to … well, this one is quite self-explanatory: they are trying millionaires! You will laugh and fall in love with this glossy movie!

I so hope you are having a nice evening with one of the films I talked about. Now I’ll say good-bye and go make myself some hot tea to accompany my medicines.

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