50 random facts about me

I discovered this on Gina’s blog and I wanted do it too. Took me some time to find 50 facts about me and I had two huge breaks (one to sleep and one to eat breakfast). So here we go:

  1. I change my toothbrush every season ’cause this way I make sure I don’t change it too often – I get pretty excited when it comes to buying a new toothbrush (or toothpaste or dental floss).
  2. Me and my boyfriend met on the internet. Then we met in real life and a few months after we were in a relationship. Few years after we are living together.
  3. I kill plants – and I am pretty good at it.
  4. Right now I have an Aloe Vera plant (called Plant) and I do my best to keep it alive.plaants
  5. I once read 100 books in one year.
  6. I won a camera from Jamie Oliver.
  7. I saw Serj Tankian live (Artmania, 2010).
  8. I discovered my passion for cooking almost a year ago.
  9. I love chocolate TOO much.
  10. I love fairy tales and modern adaptations of fairy tales.
  11. I only change my phone when it’s broken.
  12. I adore sushi and anything with seafood.
  13. I want to be Jean Valjean.
  14. I drank way too much coffee in the past.
  15. I rarely drink any coffee now.
  16. I rarely buy clothes for myself (I hire people to do that for me: my mom and my aunt).
  17. When I was in high school I used to pretend I was sick just so I could read all day.
  18. My favourite holiday is Halloween. (Last year I was Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice.)
  19. I grew up with dogs, now I have a cat.
  20. My dad is a fisherman. It started as a hobby for him, then he got a job but because it didn’t bring enough money he got another job and now fishing is some kind of a part-time job.
  21. When I was a kid I had a lot of nightmares.
  22. Now I have a lot of lucid dreams – and most of them are scarier than the nightmares.
  23. My mom makes the most amazing sweets!
  24. Mom is a clean-freak so I love clean rooms and the smell of cleaning but I hate cleaning.
  25. I prefer showers to baths – I only take relaxing baths.
  26. I wear makeup as an accessory or a form of expression. I can go months without any makeup and I will feel the same.
  27. Lipsticks are my favourite things but I don’t wear them too much because my boyfriend hates the taste and/or texture. lipstick
  28. I was told multiple times that I read too much. I respond with “You read too little” and smile.
  29. I am very good at math (not a genius, but I am pretty good). I used to read literature books in my math classes and I still got great grades. After an year without thinking about math at all I had a summer job involving math (I was a math tutor). I might be on the wrong career path but there’s still time to figure that out.
  30. I have social anxiety and I was ok with it until it put in danger my college studies and life.
  31. I love flossing.
  32. When I was in high school I changed my hairstyle almost daily.
  33. I like sparkly nail polishes and sparkly top coats.
  34. I do crosswords almost daily (got that from my mom who can’t start her morning without a crossword puzzle and a coffee).
  35. My friends are friends with my parents and they visit my folks even when I am not home (and that is more than 9 months a year).
  36. In middle school I considered my best friend to be very annoying. She thought the same about me (we weren’t friends there). We became best friends in high school.
  37. When I first met my boyfriends (virtually) I thought he is really annoying. Do you see a pattern here?
  38. I don’t consider myself a good singer but my music teacher from middle school always asked me to join the choir on events when members were missing. But I always refused to join the choir club.
  39. When I was little I formed a W.I.T.C.H. club, in high school I upgraded to a book club and in college I formed a Summer Film Club. I thought it will only be in the Summer (because I live miles away from my friends aka club members), but we transformed it in the Skypian Film Club now and we hold our meetings on Skype.
  40. I read HAC (Harap Alb Continua) and you should too! Support Romanian comics!
  41. I never wanted kids because the world didn’t seem a nice place. Now I do because I learned that you create your own world and the world for the ones you love.
  42. My mom is the best person in the world. She might be Jean Valjean.
  43. I had my hair dyed pink a long time ago.
  44. I like fishing and swimming (got those from my dad, the only difference is that I like fishing with a fishing pole).
  45. My favourite aunt is like a second mother to me (and my mom is like a second mother to her kids).
  46. I play rummy with my grandparents because it makes them happy.
  47. I find it hard to make new friends.
  48. I love taking pictures of stray cats.
  49. I write stories about people I meet or observe in the train (in the bus too but not that often).
  50. It takes me a while to adapt to a new change (like the Eleventh Doctor or to Rose not being the companion FOREVER).

7 thoughts on “50 random facts about me

  1. #50 YES! I still want rose to come back…I don’t watch Doctor who as much since she left. Nice list~

  2. #32- Haruhi much?:3
    #42- that was the loveliest thing!

  3. Am ramas blocata la “100 books in one year”. Yeah, i read too little… :))

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