Otaku Sunday #7: Let’s Relax!

Today I am late not because I was busy or sick, but because I napped. It wasn’t planned or anything nor did I need that little nap but it was really pleasant and worthy. Sometimes I am so tense even when it’s Sunday and I just need something to remind me that it’s ok to just relax from time to time. Which is why the things I have for this Otaku Sunday are perfect for a relaxing day.


For the manga part of our Otaku Sunday I picked a really funny one: Tokyo Alice. It is a lovely manga about a girl whose love, passion and purpose in life is… SHOPPING! And this passion keeps our protagonist quite busy… so busy that she forgot about dating and her love life is a mess.

The art is simple, yet unique. Backgrounds are rarely shown but that doesn’t make the story less interesting. The sketchy look gives the drawings personality and show the mangaka’s love for her art. It’s spontaneous and simplistic, yet funny and adorable.


Many readers of the manga weren’t pleased with the anime adaptation but since I haven’t read the manga I can’t tell you anything about that – in fact, I was so happy with the anime that I am going to read the manga (there might even be a second season). Kamisama Hajimemashita follows Nanami, a girl that was recently left by her dad and she is now without a house to live in… and then she saves a guy that offers her his home. And that’s how she becomes a deity.

My favourite parts about this anime are the opening and the ending – and I usually don’t fancy those parts. The story is also charming, even if not very well developed, but it’s all about relaxation today… It jumps from story to story and we even have the usual beach episode, but it’s not a big deal and you can still enjoy the anime because the characters are funny and really nice, and there is plenty of comedy and a decent dose of romance for a nice relaxing evening.


As for the news section of our Otaku Sunday I have four anime from the “2012 Young Animator Training Project”: Little Witch Academia, Arve Rezzle: Kikaijikake no Yoseitachi, Ryo, Death Billiards. I don’t know anything about the plots, but they all seem to be very interesting. Each has one episode only and they are a big opportunity for young artists which is why I believe in them. And if I’m not wrong, they are part of the next season – I might talk about it in the next Otaku Sunday.

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