Last Week in Photos #03


male cat | feeding the kitties | still drinking tea from my Santa mug while re-watching Chuck
another male cat | coffee with whipped cream | lunch with friends
pizza day | D&D game | my character sheet for Morgaine Darkbloom

We spent a lot of time with the cats these days because it’s that lovey-dovey time for them so we get to see new male cats. They aren’t friendly but they are funny to watch while they try to conquer Fluff’s heart. Also, Rice Hunter is now super friendly and has a lot of energy – we spent almost an entire day petting him.

Since school hasn’t started yet I spent my days re-watching Chuck and drinking tea. On Friday we were invited to have lunch with Matt and Bianca – she cooked for us some Japanese recipes (tempura and teriyaki chicken) and Matt made me some coffee in a Harry Potter mug! I rarely drink coffee but when we first met I was drinking coffee like crazy.

We had a Pizza day this week – we have one like once a month or so. We spent our weekend working on our D&D characters and we did play a little bit. My character is an elf called Morgaine Darkbloom who is an wizard. I love her!

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