Best Thing in the World: The Oscars Ceremony

osc  I must admit that I always try to watch all the movies ’till the ceremony – I failed every year. Heck, last year I didn’t even try because I was busy with school and the films weren’t that interesting. But this year they were! And this is the first year when most of my predictions came true! That’s crazy! I usually pick two winners: my I-really-want-this-one-to-win and my this-should-win-if-the-first-doesn’t. And guess what? In best music something (original score I think – but I am not sure, might be mixing) both of my picks won!

And even if the movies suck or even if I don’t watch them all, I always watch the ceremony because it’s awesome and fun! And the hosts are the best thing about the ceremony and also all the things that they prepare for the show like the boob song from this year – I sang it all day long (“We saw your boobs! We saw your boobs!”). Oh, and did I mention our handsome host Seth MacFarlane? He was amazing (and he sang the boob song). The jokes are amazing and the speeches are remarkable. And one of the most awesome things from this year was the chance that some students (in film making and stuff) got! To be at the Oscars, to learn from their heroes and to see studios and how things work in the industry. That’s amazing and a great thing for them – we should all support young artists!

But let’s jump into even more great things from the ceremony!


Argo Fuck Yourself! Argo got the Best Picture Award and I am so so glad. It was my second choice. I really wanted for Zero Dark Thirty to win because it was a great film and Kathryn Bigelow did an awesome job (can’t say the same for her Best Picture movie The Hurt Locker, but whatever).

85th Annual Academy Awards - Show

Then we have the legendary Quentin Tarantino taking home another Best Original Script Award. But the best part was Ben Affleck saying that he is honored to be in the category of directors who weren’t nominated for the Best Director Award and he mentioned Quentin and Kathryn – I am also sad that they didn’t get nominated in that category but we know they are great!


Now for the actors! Best Actor was Daniel Day-Lewis and he deserved it! The movie wasn’t the best (kinda boring if you ask me), but men, the man was great! He got into the skin and flesh of Lincoln – I still wanted Hugh to win just because I am in love with Jean Valjean. For Actor in a Supporting Role we have the greatest and wonderful Christoph Waltz! I prayed for him to win and he did! So so happy because this guy is something… something great and when you put two great people together (it’s the second Oscar he got in a movie by Tarantino!) expect great things to happen.

As for the Best Supporting Actress it wasn’t hard to guess! Anne Hathaway was lovely and her speech was amazing – also, her speech from the Golden Globes was amazing too! And then the backstage press conference… She is just lovely and a great human being. And my favourite win of the night (though she was my third choice; I wanted Jessica Chastain or Emmanuelle Riva to win, but all the women in this category were simply great that it was hard to pick) was Jennifer Lawrence because she is such a funny creature! You need to watch the backstage press conference because it will make you laugh no matter what! She says only funny things. And she fell on the stairs on the way to claim her Oscar but she did it in a great way!


And a random favourite moment from the Oscars was seeing Daniel Radcliffe dancing! Yup, yup!

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