Otaku Sunday #8: Blonde Girls

I had a chat with a friend about blonde anime characters and that inspired me to write a special Otaku Sunday this week. Since I want to blog about anime and manga for all the Sundays of 2013 I realized that I might get bored because things tend to become monotone especially when you watch anime on seasons (I do watch anime that aren’t from the current season too) because you write about what you want to watch from the new season, first impressions, then middle season impressions and finally the final reviews… Between those Otaku Sundays there are the normal ones with recommendations (one mange, one anime and some news)… So yeah, it could get a little big boring. Which is why I want to spice it up with some random Otaku Sundays! And today we are talking about blonde girls from some anime that I watched.


Gee, what a long introduction, right? The talk started from shounen characters so I decided to start with them. First we have Ino from Naruto – now, there are a bunch of blonde girls in Naruto (Tsunade, Temari and more? I don’t know, I stopped watching Naruto a long time ago) – then Anna from Shaman King, both girls are part of my “anime childhood”. And then we have Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tale, the only shounen anime I like right now – I told you, guys, I am not a big fan of shounen anime. These three blondes are great, strong and awesome! Ino might not be your favourite at first sight, but she is totally awesome, trust me. Anna is great and always gets her way – if you watched Shaman King you know what I am talking about. And my current favourite shounen girl Lucy Heartfilia is really funny and smart.


Now let’s talk about some cute blondes like Chii from Chobits – yet another anime from my “anime childhood” -, an ecchi sci-fi anime where computers aren’t the same anymore. Chii is so clueless and adorable that it’s impossible not to love her and did I mention that she is a computer? The next blonde on our list is Mina Tepes from Dance in the Vampire Bund because she is a cute blond vampire named after Vlad Tepes, even more, she is the ruler of all vampires. And what’s cuter than a blonde computer-girl and a blonde vampire-girl? A girl with guns! In our case Triela from Gunslinger Girl – a really great anime where little girls aren’t what they seem to be…


And now it’s time for some of my favourite blondes: Misa-Misa from Death Note, a strange lovely girl who kills people with her little Death Note (too bad she is in love), Mireille from Noir, a gorgeous assassin and Robin Sena from Witch Hunter Robin – she is probably my favourite blonde and the anime is so great which is why I don’t understand why I never finished it – I will watch it for sure and so should you. As for the other two anime… you probably know what Death Note is about – and if you don’t then stop reading this and go watch it (or read the manga!). And Noir is an anime about two assassin girls who work together in order to discover the truth about the organization that controlled their lives.

These aren’t the only great blondes you can find in anime, there is also Clare and her colleagues from Claymore or Mirepoch Finder from Tatakau Shisho: The Book of Bantorra. But I don’t have too much time to talk about them all. One last thing, you shouldn’t watch the anime because of the girls, but you should know that they make the anime even more enjoyable.

3 thoughts on “Otaku Sunday #8: Blonde Girls

  1. Definitely Anna! Anna e personaju’ meu feminin preferat. Din toate anime-urile pe care le-am vazut pana acu. Sau, in fine, in top acolo pe primu’ loc impreuna cu alte 2 – 3. 😀 De regula am ceva de comentat la toate personajele feminine. Mereu exista ceva sa nu-mi convina. Anna e perfecta! 😀

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