Last Week in Photos #4


grilled cheese sandwich | me and Daniela | the Botanical Garden
me, Vlad and Daniela | strawberries
D&D with chess pieces | funny pencil and my character sheet | friends & D&D

Last week I had a lot of fun and tons of social interactions – and that’s pretty weird for me because usually a lot of social interaction doesn’t mean a lot of fun. So I spent an afternoon with some colleagues in the park, I had a friend over for a night -actually, we are virtual friends and pen pals and she needed a place to stay for a night because she had an early plane to catch, and some good hours of D&D with the usual board games gang plus someone new! Lots of new people and lots of things… and I had fun!

We went to the Botanical Garden and the garden is sad in the Winter. My boyfriend gave me strawberries for “Martisor” and I loved that (strawberries were my favourite fruits – now I love raspberries…). And I made a grilled cheese sandwich for the first time ever; it was delicious!

As for the D&D game… we all have our characters now and we met in the game too. But the game is still at another guy’s house so we used chess pieces for figurines and printed some grids. It was fun anyway! Lots of fun!!

4 thoughts on “Last Week in Photos #4

  1. Ce inseamna “D & D”? 🙂
    Asa mi s-a facut o pofta de strawberries! Yum! 😀

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