March Goals Anyone?


I want to write more blog posts, guys, I really do but I am pretty busy with college stuff (in the picture you can see the garden of the historical building where I have all my theoretical classes) and other things that I do like preparing the Film Club meeting or studying or drawing or – wait, those are college related too. So, yeah, basically my week was all about college.

But it’s March! I love Spring – Spring was my favourite season when I was a kid. Spring is special because it has a peculiar connection with me… I have tons of energy in the Spring even if I am sick or anything! Hard to explain, really. There are also a lot of things I love about Spring, especially Romanian traditions that are related to March. On March 1st we celebrate the coming of Spring by giving “martisoare” to the people dear to us. I also wear a red and white thread around my left hand and I wear it until Palm Sunday when I cut it off and I tie it around a plant. I do this tradition ever since I was a little lad.

But I wanted to share with you my March goals not to talk about March, oh, well… I picked some goals for this month because I have so much energy. So here are my goals:

  • I want to be a better SFC host! SFC is the name of our Film Club and it stands for Summer Film Club or Skypian Film Club because if it’s not Summer I am miles away from the other members so we meet on Skype. So I am the founder-member of the Film Club and I feel this pressure of making people feel good and make them express their opinions about the films we see.
  • Master a new habit: making the bed every single morning/day! Well… I can skip a day or two because sometimes you just don’t feel like making the bed, right? But I like having a pretty bed because I am more productive. When the bed (or the house) is messy I just can’t concentrate and work – I do work but it doesn’t feel good and then I am grumpy and if the simple act of making the bed every morning makes me happier and more productive then why not do it, right?
  • Get back into jogging! I jogged almost the entire September and October but then the weather got windy and pretty cold, then it snowed. So I stopped jogging, but now it’s sunny again and even if this week was pretty windy I am positive that the weather will chance pretty soon and I will be able to run again!! I will try to run at least two or three times a week.
  • Eat breakfast daily! Well… I kinda do this one, but the problem is that I don’t really enjoy it. I am not a breakfast person so this month I will try to discover stuff that I love to eat in the morning… mainly because I hate doing stuff I don’t enjoy.

These are my goals and so far I am doing well – except for the running part, it was a pretty windy week. Thanks for reading :3.

3 thoughts on “March Goals Anyone?

  1. Breakfastul in fiecare zi si joggingul le am si eu pe lista. Desi nu stiu daca o sa mai am timp si de asta… :((
    La multi aaaaani! :3

    • La multi ani si tie. Eu chiar maine planuiesc prima repriza de jogging si cu breakfastul… o sa fac un post in curand cu reteta perfecta (cel putin pt mine).

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