Otaku Sunday #9: I am sorry!

I planned on writing about the Spring Anime Season but most of them come out in April and I can’t find pictures or details about the new anime so… I have nothing prepared for this Sunday, ok? I have excuses, of course, I played a lot of Sims 3: University Life, I read a lot from A Game of Thrones and I re-watched many episodes from Game of Thrones. So this is another Sunday without an Otaku Sunday, but I have a post with food and I promise that tomorrow I will write this Otaku Sunday – I hope it’s the last late Otaku Sunday.

Edit Later: As I promised… the last late Otaku Sunday (hopefully!). And since last week was really busy and because I planned to talk about the Spring Season I don’t have much to talk about today. So I decided to share with you some anime that me and my boyfriend want to watch together. We are pretty different and while I watch almost anything (except stupid comedies and shounen anime), he barely finds an anime to watch.


  • Bokurano – because it’s a psychological sci-fi. From what I read looks pretty awesome and even though most of the people recommend the manga… I barely read anything but shoujo so I will stick with the anime. It’s like a game for Earth or something like that… I can only think of Btooom! and how awesome it was so I have high hopes!
  • Gantz – yet another psychological sci-fi but this one also has some horror and supernatural stuff. We will see. And this is also like a game for survival, fighting aliens… can you see a pattern here?
  • Juuni Kokuki – also known as The Twelve Kingdoms or the anime who broke the pattern. My boyfriend picked this one but give me a red-headed girl with a sword and I will most likely be in love!


  • Nichijou – this sounds just like the anime I wouldn’t watch because it’s a comedy (I have a bad sense of humor, trust me) and doesn’t sound too… me. Oh, the things we do for love!
  • Abenoshi Mahou Shoutengai – as for the last one… hmm, it’s a comedy but it looks like one that I might enjoy. I am not the best at talking about anime I did not watch because I try not to read too much about them. Just making sure I don’t read spoilers.

What are some anime you watch or plan to watch with other people? I usually do this – watching anime – by my own, but sometimes I have partners like my boyfriend (we watched Baccano and now we are watching Noein) or my best friend (we only watched Nana) or the best anime partner ever, my dearest friend Mih (we watched so so many things together!!).

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