Last Week in Photos #5


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snowdrops | market | market again
new cats | Illustration Now | Mogu

I had a very busy week. Spent most of it reading albums and books for school, but I also did some what I like to call “pleasure-reading” though I do not mind books for school (except when they are in French). I finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and I am now reading A Game of Thrones.

Friday we went on a trip to the market and I was just so so happy. The market is back to life and there are so many healthy fruits and veggies! It was lovely. My boyfriend also bought me some snowdrops because he knew my Dad used to buy me snowdrops in the Spring.

And we have some new cats in the neighbourhood. Haven’s spent much time with them but I will, soon.

2 thoughts on “Last Week in Photos #5

  1. Zau de nu e incredibil!! De unde atatea pisici? Zi-mi unde esti ca acusi vin! =)) Scara in care stau face parte dintr-o serie de blocuri lipite unu’ de altu’ in forma de U. In partea de sus, acolo unde e liber, mai e un bloc in partea stanga, dar fara sa fie lipit de U, apoi o vila cu curte langa, apoi inca un bloc si inca o vila. In prima vila traiau vara trecuta aproape 11 pisici, din care 10 erau negre. 😀 Si stateau toate cu burtile la soare si era o incantare sa ma uit la ele. 😀 Dar nu stateau niciodata sa le mangai. Story of my life. Not even my own cat lets me touch her! :((

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