Adventurous List #3

I think it’s time for another one of my lists. I didn’t finished the last one but I made it long time ago and I got bored with it – but some of the things from that list will be on this one too.  The reason why I didn’t do everything from the previous list is because I had too much time… I was on holiday and there was no need for a list to make me do different things to save from my daily routine. But now that school is back, the list needs to return too!


  • bake or cook something sweet – other than my special muffins
  • wear blush more often
  • have a movie marathon night
  • learn to curl your hair
  • wear skirts more often
  • look for a new bag – I don’t have money to buy it but I can still look for one, right?
  • try a “covri-dog”
  • go for a long walk

It’s not big or too inspired but I will have fun for sure!

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