Cook with Me: An American Sandwich

I love sharing recipes and I used to do it all the time on my ex-blog so why not do it here too?

This sandwich is not really American (or maybe it is I don’t know) but I used bagels instead of normal buns because LIDL had the American Week last week and my boyfriend bought me some bagels! Keep in mind that the ingredients are for two persons.

saa1Ingredients: bagels (or normal buns if you don’t have any bagels at hand), one tomato, a can of tuna (in oil or natural, but not with chili or tomato sauce… you can try if you want), two spring onions (you can replace them with a small white onion or even mix them).


More ingredients: mayonnaise (you need like two-three teaspoons but I didn’t really measured or anything), salt & white pepper (you can use black, but we only had white).


Try to get rid of the oil or the juice of the tuna, then add it in bowl. Cut the onion and add them to the bowl and then add the mayo, salt and pepper and mix them together. Cut the bagels in half, put some of the tuna-mix, then add some tomato slices (we also added some onion because we had some more and no idea what to do with them).


It is really delicious and a pretty nice idea for brunch (weekend is pretty close). Unfortunately I am allergic to tuna and I can’t eat too much so after I have a sandwich I need to wait like a week or so for another one. And the bad part is that tuna is one of my favourite things in the world and I also know another tuna sandwich recipe that was my favourite meal for years!!


Let me know if you try it. Bon appetit!

3 thoughts on “Cook with Me: An American Sandwich

  1. Hmm… interesant. Cred ca am sa incerc. Am uitat sa-ti spun ca in ziua in care am citit articolul tau cu salata de varza cu maioneza n-am putut sa mi-o scot din cap deloc. Asadar am ajuns seara acasa de la munca si m-am apucat sa fac. Aproape ca mi-am retezat si-un deget in timp ce tocam varza, da’ a meritat. :))

    Am vazut mai jos ca ai mentionat Gantz. Filmu’ l-ai vazut? Il am pe lista inca dinainte sa apara. :)) Ma omorau oamenii cu tot felu’ de teasere cu Nino si Kenichi si am zis clar ca tre’ sa-l vad… si nu l-am vazut. 😦

    • Oh, ce ma bucur cand oarecum indirect inspir oamenii sa faca chestii yummy. Nu am vazut nimic Gantz. O sa vad si eu cand voi avea mai mult timp :3 *summersummer*

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