Otaku Sunday #10: Fairy Tail!


I recently found out that Fairy Tail is near its ending which is pretty awesome… I guess. But I am like 70-80 episodes behind so I decided to just re-watch the show all over again because why not? 109 episodes are no big deal, right?

Since it’s (so far) my favourite shounen anime (from the few shounen anime I watch) I think it really deserves the honor to be re-watched. It’s awesome and funny and sometimes sad, but the characters are great and the lines are really damn quotable! And my favourite thing about it is that it’s all about friendship – which was a really great deal for me in high school when I first started watching Fairy Tail (a colleague told me about it; he was reading the manga and now my boyfriend reads the manga and we talk about the characters and their adventure, it’s fun).

I am not going to talk too much about the storyline since it’s a pretty long anime and follows a lot of story arcs and all that jazz but I am going to try to make a basic synopsis so you will have at least an idea about what it is about. So…

The anime takes place in a world of magic, kinda medieval-like universe. And almost everybody can use magic (like for simple stuff or so), but there are some people who take jobs involving magic and those people are called mages and they belong to a guild because that’s how they get the jobs. Fairy Tail is a guild and the members are our main characters (well… some of them because it has quite a lot of members). And the anime starts with Natsu (pink-haired guy) and Happy (the cat) traveling to a city looking for Salamander and there they meet Lucy (big boobies blonde girl – also talked about her in my previous Otaku Sunday post) a Stellar Spirit mage who wants to join Fairy Tail! The other two characters are later introduced: Grey (blue-haired naked guy), who loses his clothes when he fights and Erza (red-haird lady) who is one of the strongest female mage.

And they go and do jobs for the guild and stuff like that. But it’s fun because we get to know more about other characters too and each has an unique storyline and that is pretty awesome – at least on my taste. And I pretty much love this show – why else would i re-watch it, right?

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