Last Week in Photos #6

Well… I had so many nice pictures that I did two photo-sets.


my BB cream | aromatherapy | Art History
letters | olives | the market
Titi enjoying the sun | popcorn & anime | cats

My week was full and seemed so long!! I had fun with makeup and I just fall in love with the Garnier BB Cream for oily skin (but more about that on my monthly favourites post – will be posted at the end of the month). I made the house smell lovely with an aromatherapy oil that smells like cookies (it would be more suitable for Winter but guess what? it snowed!!) while I worked for school and I am so in love with art history (contemporary art history to be more exact) that I still think I made a mistake not going choosing art history over fine arts (I applied for both).

Mailed some letters and packages and did more trips to the market (I love it!!) where I discovered some sweet apples and other great goodies. And I spent my days snacking on olives – I go crazy when it comes to olives!! And I also made some butter popcorn for the latest Chihayafuru 2 episode. The cats were enjoying the sunny days, Titi especially.


a cute dog | fries | a new cat
tuna sandwich | me | Spring flowers
library | snow | a bubble bath

Talking about cats, me and my boyfriend kept changing the routes to the market in order to discover new cats and we did. Also, see that dog? He is my new friend, he is always there when I am alone but every time I try to show him to my boyfriend the dog doesn’t show (took the picture because Vlad kept saying I may be going crazy).

I ate a lot of salads these days, but when your boyfriend makes fries you can’t say no, right? Also, I did an awesome tuna sandwich – a new recipe I tried and also shared it on the blog.

Last week we had a snowy day. I was pretty happy though the snow did not last and I was happy about that too. I spent my snowy day at the Uni library doing research on Pop Art (Andy Warhol especially) – the snowy photo is from my Uni courtyard.

Last weekend, my boyfriend made me a sweet gift – he washed the bathtub and prepared a bubble bath for me. He bought me some effervescent balls that colored the water (we did blue this time but I still have a red one and a yellow one). The rubber duckies you see are Cam and Mitchell and they are gay. I still play with toys.

4 thoughts on “Last Week in Photos #6

  1. hihi. modern family ducks. :d didn’t snow here, though i was watching outside from 5 to 5 minutes. meh.. next winter. think i’m gonna make a bubble bath soon too. it’s been a while.
    and your haaaair!! jealous. way longer than mine.

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