The Birthday List: 21 Before 22 – 1st Revesion

Remember my Birthday List? I sure forget about it from time to time which is why I decided that a good way to keep myself on track will be to occasionally talk about the things I’m working on from that particular list. So here it is, my first 21 Before 22 revision.

  1. Keep an art journal during next summer (2013).
  2. Read HOMESTUCK – I am really behind with it and I wanna catch up my friends. I am still behind and if Hussie keeps posting like crazy I won’t be done too soon.
  3. Watch ALL the Doctor Who episodes. Aaaa… Didn’t even start.
  4. Bake a cake – I love cooking, but I am really scared of this one.
  5. Save some money – and maybe spend it all on my next birthday. I did save money once… had to pay train tickets. Tried again, had to pay the rent… And now I’m doing it again (let’s hope this time will actually work).
  6. Perfect another language – French, Spanish or Japanese… or maybe I start a new one, bu I don’t think so. I just started working on my Japanese and this time I try to learn writing too, not just vocabulary and grammar so yeey! Mih, my friend I keep mentioning on this blog, is taking Japanese classes and she knows a lot and she will teach me more in the Summer (and not only, since she already made me learn all the Hiragana signs)! I think I need to call her “sensei” from now on.
  7. Have a plant AND DO NOT KILL IT! Plant (that’s her name, she’s an Aloe Vera plant) is still alive. I got her for Christmas from my boyfriend.
  8. Learn how to meditate.
  9. Call my family more often. I talk to Mom daily and this month I expanded: called my Grandma more twice a week and my Aunt from time to time.
  10. Have less stuff in my life – and make more room for friends and family. I am donating a lot of clothes!!
  11. Spend some nights alone in Cluj. I spent one night alone. I had a movie marathon with Ice Age and Madagascar. It was fun and I even slept!!
  12. Visit another country or a big city in Romania.
  13. Visit an art museum I haven’t seen yet. I plan to see the Contemporary Art Museum from Bucharest this Easter Holiday. Let’s hope the plans won’t change.
  14. Have a Summer job.
  15. Reread the Harry Potter books and have a Harry Potter marathon. I read the first two books and today Serj will bring me the third one!!
  16. Be healthier: mentally, physically and spiritually. This will always be a work in progress but so far I am doing well… mentally and physically.
  17. Don’t stop blogging, yet. Guess you know the answer to this one, right?
  18. See a shrink.
  19. Read 20 or 30 books that I have always wanted to read but didn’t make time for them. I read two books by Neil Gaiman (Neverwhere and The Graveyard Book) that I had for a while but didn’t make time for them and right now I am reading A Brave New World.
  20. Watch FRIENDS all Summer with my bff or alone or with my friends – just watch FRIENDS and laugh.
  21. Discover new music. I did try some new stuff but only loved Zaz and then I stopped trying to search for new music. Must get back on this one…

And that’ about it! I made plans with Alecs to have a Harry Potter marathon but I don’t know when will that happen. Anyway, there’s still time until my next birthday.

4 thoughts on “The Birthday List: 21 Before 22 – 1st Revesion

  1. Looks like you covered most of it! All the best with the rest!

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