Otaku Sunday #11: Time for Some Manga

The last Otaku Sundays were only about anime if I remember correctly – and I do because I wrote them -, which is why I decided to make this one exclusively about manga! And I have two AWESOME recommendations for you!


First one is a shoujo manga (because that is what I enjoy reading most of the time). It’s your typical manga with a love triangle and the two brothers and the clueless heroine but so what? Sometimes you just want to read a typical shoujo manga about a typical heroine who falls in love and who encounters another guy (in our case the little brother of her love interest) who falls for her and yeah, he is the perfect manga guy who cares about her and is proper and awesome and a little bit jealous. This is what Boku kara Kimi ga Kienai is about and it’s simply perfect. All the cute feelings you get and also the feelings of concern and the waiting and the tension… these feelings are there even if the story is pretty predictable. And the manga is completed so you can read it in one night (if you don’t fall asleep with the laptop in your arms like I did).


And the next one… is still a shouo, but the romance part is not as emphasized (or it might not even be there). In exchange, we have tons of comedy! When I started the manga I had no idea what to expect and ,obviously, I got what I didn’t expected. This manga is hilarious and awesome!! Oresama Teacher follows Mafuyu, a delinquent girl who is expelled and moves to another school in another city (where she lives alone) and decides that she is going to be a delinquent no more, she will be a girly girl. And this is all you get from me, read if you want more. By the way, this manga was recommended to me by Mih (she told me about more but I didn’t have time to read them all, maybe next time I will share the rest with you).

It might me 00:01 but I started to write this post on a Sunday so I AM NOT LATE! Have fun reading and let me know your thoughts!!

2 thoughts on “Otaku Sunday #11: Time for Some Manga

  1. Oresama Teacher rocks!! I’m reading it too. Cred ca am ajuns la zi cu ea la un moment dat si am lasat-o sa se mai adune capitole. Nici nu mai stiu unde am ramas… :))

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