Best Thing in the World: Breakfast!

Long time ago I wrote my goals for March. This post is not about how well I am doing – ’cause I’m not (the SFC ceased to exist, Winter is back so no running and I got lazy with the bed making)! It’s about breakfast!

Breakfast was never my favourite meal because in the morning I am not in the mood for eating, at all! I just can’t eat. When I lived with my parents Mom was making breakfast for me everyday before going to work and everyday I was eating that meal for… lunch. Me, morning and eating just don’t go well… Plus that the breakfast she made was a little bit to hard for my morning appetite – but I didn’t know that until I decided to eat breakfast daily and I started to discover what I like and what I don’t like in the morning. If you get to know yourself and your body, then breakfast won’t be a problem anymore. I am still discovering stuff, but so far I love what I have for now.


97% of my breakfast meals are yogurt, cereals, sesame seeds and brown flax-seeds (4). But sometimes I forget to buy yogurt and I replace it with milk… you might wonder how come I didn’t fancy having breakfast when there’s milk and cereals (1). Well, to be honest, I am not the biggest fan of milk and cereals. I love milk and I love cereals but not those two together. My cereals are 100% whole-grains or at least 77%, but there are days when I am out of my cereals or anything else for breakfast and I borrow from my boyfriend (2).

When I don’t have time for breakfast at home I either make some sandwiches the day (3) before or I buy some sesame pretzels. But let’s go back to those 97% of my breakfast meals. I sometimes combine that with a fruit like an apple (5) or I slice some strawberries and throw them in (8). I even put Nutella if there’s any in the house (9) or go for combos like Nutella and fruits (11). And if there’s no Nutella I replace it with raspberry jam (10). To be honest, I love sweet stuff and this is how I made myself enjoy breakfast: adding something sweet to the meal.

If I don’t have cereals but I have yogurt (this doesn’t happen to often) I don’t go for my boyfriend’s cereals because I don’t really fancy them, but I eat yogurt just with fruits (7) or cakes or muffins (6) if there are any in the house. Sometimes I even go just for yogurt or fruits and while it’s not really a full breakfast meal it’s still better than skipping it, right?

If I know I will have a long and hard day at school I try to eat a bigger breakfast – most of the times I fail, but I discovered some combos that work like having my normal breakfast (yogurt + cereals + the seeds + something else – optional), coffee if I am still sleepy – you know I don’t really drink coffee anymore – and a tuna sandwich (12) because it’s my favourite sandwich and I will definitely eat it; too bad I am allergic to tuna and I can’t have it that often. And if I can’t have tuna (because of my allergy or because I didn’t buy it) I will replace it with a boiled egg (13) because I can eat it from time to time (the egg doesn’t work every time).

And if it’s brunch or a lazy day when I wanna spoil myself I will have chocolate for breakfast: a slice of bread with Nutella (still some fibers, right?) and some fruits, or if I have more time (and if I am allowed to have some tuna) I go for An American Sandwich!


As for today’s breakfast, I had some pudding (I only ate half of it) because we bought tons of pudding! Mih told me about this great deal where you buy four pudding powders (or whatever they are) and get a cute teaspoon with a bear!! We got them all!

Hope you had fun reading about my morning meals and don’t forget to enjoy your breakfast!

4 thoughts on “Best Thing in the World: Breakfast!

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