Otaku Sunday #12: About Wolfs and Family

I know, I am not even late. I am super late! But I do have some acceptable excuses: on Sunday I had an all-day-long Game of Thrones marathon!! That’s the best excuse ever as I told today to a dear friend of mine who used to always be late on his date on the day the new Game of Thrones episode was airing.

For today’s (I do mean Sunday, not Tuesday but time… does not exist, right?) Otaku Sunday I had something else planned – the Winter reviews! But Game of Thrones kept me busy and I still haven’t seen the last episode from the many Winter anime that I am watching… so expect them next Sunday, when the article will probably be posted on a Sunday (I can’t promise you anything but I can hope… and I have a deja-vu).


So what I have is… an awesome anime movie, Wolf Children, recommended to me by Mih (I talked about her in numerous other posts and especially Otaku Sunday posts since we kinda like the same things). I can’t really make a proper review to this movie because every time I like something I find it hard to review it. The same thing cannot be said about things I don’t like, but unfortunately I only share things I like in this Otaku Sunday.


Wolf Children is a drama, fantasy with some supernatural stuff, but family friendly anime movie about… well, family! And not a normal family because Hanna’s family can be described in any word but normal. Hanna was a student until she met her prince charming who was more of a “wolf charming” than a prince. They loved each other deeply and they had a baby on a snowy day so they named her Yuki. Some years after that they had a baby on a rainy day so they named him Ame. But shortly after the father died and Hanna was left with two wolf children and no idea how to raise them.

The story is wonderful and will brighten your day for sure. The animation and the drawing style is stunning, as is the audio. And just because Wolf Children is made by the director of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, try not to compare them as they are really different regarding the story and the mood.

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