Introducing Some Kind of a Film Club

So… I used to have a Film Club with actual members and we used to meet every Thursday or something like that and talk about two movies per week. But then Summer was over and college was back and I go to college somewhere VERY VERY far from home or from the city the other members go to college. So we decided to change the Summer Film Club into the Skypian Film Club and host our meetings on Skype. Things didn’t go that well and we meet rarely but it was fun.

Until things started to break and some members were out other were back and then PUFF I get angry and shut it down because the members weren’t leaving and coming in a respectful way or they already left and the rest of us had no idea or they were still at the meeting but probably had something in their mouths because they were definitely not participating.

Whatever really. College is busy and it’s hard to make time to watch the movie so imagine to even spend two hours talking about it, right? Seriously, no, people can make time if they really want to. I can make time if I really want to. I make time for NaNoWriMo but I don’t make time to reply to Gina’s letter (promise I will do it this weekend so don’t be mad at me!). So see… time is not a problem. And since time is not a problem I can make some time to write a post about four films, right? It will probably be monthly or whenever I watch those four films.

Why four? Because our Film Club had four types of films: something old – pretty self-explanatory right? for a long time here were the films from the beginning to 1989 (but at the last meeting we change it to 1999 – I will keep the 1989 for a while probably), something new – well… new films from 1990 to… pretty much the present day, something borrowed – European films, Asian films, anything but American films (USA ones…), something blue – the random film, but I will probably pick a film that is cheesy, not-my-type, guilty pleasure or whatever. If I’m having a good month for films I might even add stuff like films from the Cinema, TV show of the month or stuff like that.

It’s going to be fun, really! I am pretty excited about it and I even picked some films to re-watch (I know I should try new movies but I really need to recommend you some movies I love!!). Wish me luck and tell me what you think. You can even join me and post some old, new, borrowed, blue (not SAD) films on your blog!

2 thoughts on “Introducing Some Kind of a Film Club

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