Otaku Sunday #13: Winter Reviews

The anime from the Winter Season are over! And it’s not Monday yet for me because I didn’t go to sleep yet. But I am on time, right? Well this is something new and I have to get used to it. Edit later: Silly me, forgot to mention that you can read more about the stories and my opinions on these anime here!

As for the Winter Season… I usually don’t let myself start too many anime from the seasons because 1. I don’t have the time and 2. most of them are bad (and 3. I have this obsession with finishing everything that I start so…). From the Winter Season I watched three short anime: Ai Mai Mi – not worth watching, Mangirl – short and funny and Yama no Susume – a really cute anime about climbing and mountains and friendship. There is also the second season of Chihayafuru and it’s awesome! But it’s not over yet (it’s awesome anyway so be sure to watch the first season and the second one!).


Vividred Operation – How to start with this one? Well, I don’t understand why I started it. I knew it was going to be filled with fan service and cliches but I started it and because of 3. I had to finish it. There is absolutely nothing new or amazing about this one. Just a bunch of little girls saving the world by… kissing each others foreheads. As you can see the story is not something new. The characters aren’t something new. And the rest of the show is not something new…


Amnesia – The story was great and I truly enjoyed how they didn’t focus on the romance part of the show but on what was going on with the heroine. The pace was pretty slow but it kinda fit the anime. And I loved the ending. If you don’t have anything else to watch you can try Amnesia, really. There were annoying things like the heroine’s behavior, but still not bad or anything like that.


Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – This is that kind of anime that the fan service just doesn’t matter! Because the show is great and smart and funny and the booby shots are pretty enjoyable, really. The story is pretty and the dialogue is the best. As for the characters, they are cute and Maoyuu (Demon King) is really adorable. The art is really pretty, especially the details and the backgrounds.


Sasami-san@Ganbaranai – It was really something wow for me. I truly enjoyed it! The story doesn’t seem much when you read the synopsis but it’s so much more than that, really. Just pay attention to it. The characters aren’t the most unique but they are still enjoyable. And the music is great but the art is my favourite part because it combines different styles and the art is used to create different emotions and states of mind and that is pretty cool really.


Tamako Market – My favourite anime (well, Chihayafuru 2 is but that’s not over so whatever)!! Because we all need some moe from time to time. It was funny and crazy. And Dera is the best character ever! He is hilarious! The entire show is like a ball of happiness and funny moments. Mochizo is also funny (and poor Mochizo) and Tama-chan. It’s just great and I can’t complain – maybe the ending wasn’t really what I expected but there’s no problem because I have cute gifs to make me laugh.

Well this is it! Next I will probably have my Anime Spring Season first impressions. See you later!

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