Another Walk or “How We Took a Free Thursday Because the Weather Was Too Pretty”

What a huge title! Last Winter I wrote a post about a walk and all the nice things I got to do in a free week day. Today was similar, even better. My boyfriend woke up with a pink eye (also known as Conjunctivitis) and decided to skip school and because my seminars from Thursday aren’t nice or interesting I decided to do the same. Also, the weather was gorgeous and because we already planned to go to the Botanical Garden in the weekend we just rescheduled a little bit and we went there today (the weekend will be busy anyway because it’s his birthday).


First we stopped at Titi’s and spent some time with this huge ball of fur and joy. And then we continued our adventure!


We saved some money by not taking the bus. Instead we walked like an hour or so, but it was fun. On the way to the garden we have to walk near to a cemetery and while it might be scary sometimes today it was really calming and lovely.


We also met some lizards!! I get pretty excited when I have the chance to photograph these creatures because they are like my second favourite animals. I tend to believe I prefer animals that are just like me: lazy and sun-lovers (as in nice warm sun, not broiler or anything similar) just like cats and lizards.


The Botanical Garden is this huge forest in the middle of the city. We can spend hours there and not get bored. There is also a very beautiful Japanese Garden but we didn’t take pictures there because there were many people and I don’t fancy it when it’s so crowdy.


Another prone to crowds place is the water tower. It’s very high and you can see parts of the city. Vlad doesn’t do well with high places so he waited for me on a bench (can you see that red dot? It’s him!).


We love not following the standard routes and we sometimes have to cross the river (yes, there is a river in the middle of the garden – well, forest) jumping on rocks. It’s awesome!


(Sorry for the double picture) We plan to have a picnic in the middle of the garden because the view is amazing. And the birds are too!!


And the last parts of the Garden are the greenhouses. There are three – one with water plant mainly, one with plants from the Mediterranean and Australian zones – this one is my boyfriend’s favourite. And my favourite:


The Palm House! Vlad thinks it’s kinda boring because there are only… palms (and some bamboo) but I find it really lovely. Maybe because it makes me feel small… There’s something whimsical about it and I can’t put in words.

I know there are more pictures than words (actually if you start counting them I think I’m wrong but you get what I want to say), but I like it this way. And the garden is just too beautiful and neither the pictures nor the words can express its nature.

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