Otaku Sunday #15: What I “Marathoned” Last Week

I had an exam today so I think you can understand why I didn’t post the Otaku Sunday yesterday. But I have a long post so the Universe will be content with my work, or so I hope. I honestly tried my best to write proper reviews for this anime since I posted them on MAL too – so if you have any tips on how to make better reviews please do teach me!


First anime is Tsuritama, a Spring anime from last year about… fishing, friendship and aliens! At first I thought this was a way too colourful anime about nothing… maybe fishing, but it has a story (an odd one) and it has nice characters, AND the happy-go-lucky atmosphere is catchy!

Starting with the story… a shy-almost-antisocial teenager, Yuki, starts hanging out (against his will) with Haru, a boy who says he’s an alien. And they… go fishing. But that is not an easy thing to do so they train under Natsuki, the “Fishing Prince”. What they don’t know is that they are closely followed by a strange Indian and his duck named Tapioca. And also, fishing might just be the only way to save the world! Except for Haru, the other main characters aren’t really the friendly type, but they will soon learn the meaning of friendship. I truly enjoyed how the anime concentrated on developing the characters and teaching them lessons about life, friendship and fishing.

As you may know, art&sound reviews aren’t really that good but I will try my best. The animation is really colourful, but it fits the atmosphere really well. The style suddenly changes to emphasize different feeling (sometimes they are really scary). As for the music, it’s quite catchy and suitable for the show.

You won’t find a deep story in Tsuritama, but it’s not one of those anime with 10 episodes about nothing and 2 with the story. The first half of the anime concentrates more on the characters and fishing and… a lot of stuff that might make you curious about what the story is about. I am no salesman, really, and if Tsuritama is not your type then you shouldn’t watch it, but if you have mixed feelings just watch one or two episode and it may just catch you too. I told you it’s contagious!


Sukitte Iinayo is a romance schoujo anime that filled my heart with tons on emotions since I marathon it in a day or two. The story might not be something new in the anime world, but it still has a special place in my heart because once the feelings reach beyond the flat screen that’s all that matters. And that’s what Sukitte Iinayo does best!

The characters aren’t really too original, but they still have something unique that distinguish them from the rest – well, some of them do. And they aren’t uni-dimensional, each sharing a good part as well as a bad one. Their pasts had a big part in building who they are now and it was nice to learn about who they used to be and who they are now. And while these past stories are presented to us, the relationship between are main characters evolves little by little. Oh, did I forget to mention that they start their relation pretty early in the anime so you won’t have to wait 10 episodes for a kiss? But they still have obstacles to encounter like any other love relation.

The art is really pretty and just my type. The light softly changes and it fits the atmosphere quite perfectly. Oh, and we have lots of kitties so that definitely is a plus for me! The music is suitable for the show and quite lovely, as for the voice actors they are just perfect for their characters.

The show is really great and lovely if you prefer romance shoujo anime and if you don’t expect it to break any boundaries. It’s a pretty good watch and once it gets you it won’t let you go!

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