So… I have a new tumblr!

Let’s skip the introduction already. The tumblr is called The Room Diary and it makes no sense but whatever. Here’s the link if you are curious.

I don’t know why but I feel like there is a difference between a blog and a tumblr… well, depending on what you on what kind of blogs, tumblrs you make but mine are both personal (more or less). But I feel like a blog post should be more… organized? With a certain subject, longer and… you get the idea right?

But my tumblr is more like a diary and we all know that a diary is funnier if it’s on the internet because who cares about intimacy anymore? I’m just joking but to be honest I was never that kind of person who kept her diary for herself – I’d rather keep the fictional stuff that I write for myself than my diary and I have no idea why. But things are what they are.

So my tumblr is more of a place, a room, where I can sketch little bits and pieces of my ideas and thoughts really. And also a place to share pictures without bugging too many people.

Well this is not my first contact with tumblr so you might wonder why now? (Actually, I know you are not, but just let me write and enjoy myself.) It started with this youtube video:

And the food tumblr they recommend. The pictures from Margaret Makes Dinner are so inspiring that they made me do a blog where to share my meals too (also, I got some ideas for what to eat from her) – but I am sharing more than that.

PS: I am pretty sorry about the lack of posts but… I don’t like making excuses so see you next time! (Probably tomorrow with my Otaku Sunday.)

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