Otaku Sunday #16: The Most Difficult One

So… yesterday I had no proper excuse for not posting this earlier. Now I do, but it’s a funny story.

Yesterday’s excuses: I was busy with my work for April Camp NaNoWriMo (I won by the way!). Also, for this Otaku Sunday I planned to watch 4 special anime and talk about them. I watched the first one yesterday and I got depressed because of it (let’s not overreact, I was just really really sad).

Today’s excuses: I watched the third one after some problems with the video, then I watched the fourth one without a problem… but I couldn’t find the second story AT ALL! The thing with these specials is that they are a group though not story related. The first story aired in 2011, and the other three in March 2013. Which is why the second story was called “01” because the internet says it’s the first from the other three… which makes totally sense if you forget about the one from 2011!! Then I found it but it was raw and I had to search more and… but let’s start.


Kawamo wo Suberu Kaze | Yuuge
Jinsei Best 10 | Dokoka Dewanai Koko

The first story, Kawamo wo Suberu Kaze, is a really depressing story about a 30ish year old woman who moves in her parents house along with his 4 year old son. The story is really beautiful as both writing and art, but it’s sad and I really wasn’t in a mood for sad stories – it’s not tragic, just… – and it was a touching story because after it I was sad too (like sadder than I originally was). The story talks about one’s emptiness that one feels inside, that kind of feeling that you can shake or get away from it. And the saddest thing (I used the word “sad” way too many times in this Otaku Sunday) is that after the story ends the viewer is left with that emptiness… which is, yet again, sad but in the same time beautiful. I am more of a sad kind of person than a bubbly happy one though I rarely show it, but the thing is that I have a soft spot for beautiful sadness and it’s hard to explain but this story is one of those beautiful sad things.

The second story, Yuuge, is still downloading in my PC. Haha, but basically is about a married woman who will probably start an affair with man that kinda saves her life. Oh, and she likes cooking a lot and the animation is a bit different as it is a combination of real-life film with animation and I am always happy with different things done in a good way – the food is real food and looks so damn tasty! I can’t wait to finish the episode (only saw like 3 minutes when I realized I am watching a raw episode).

The third story, Jinsei Best 10, is a funny one and I loved it almost as much as I loved the first one. The art was pretty too and the characters design was really cute and funny. And the story is funny too because it’s about emptiness too, but in a funnier way (EUREKA! I just realized that emptiness is one of the major themes in all of the stories – not sure about the 2nd one, but if it walks like a duck…) and the conclusion is really pretty and in a way inspiring. As for a short synopsis (is this a pleonasm?): A career woman is getting ready to meet her first crush at a school reunion.

The fourth story wasn’t my type probably. It was nice and a little bit interesting, but it left me with a weird taste in my mouth. I am not sure if I liked it too much or not, the message with “Carpe Diem” was lovely but when isn’t it? I probably didn’t fancy the character too much, but if I start and think about it her actions are understandable so I can’t really form an opinion right not nor I want to.

I really recommend you these four stories, you can find them under the name Otona Joshi no Anime Time but it’s still tricky to find the correct episodes… The anime are based on prize-winning short stories about women. Keep in mind that they try to create a complete story in under 30 minutes and they succeed. Now I’ll go wait for the second one…


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