Happy Labor Day and Spring Break!

I was supposed to leave for home yesterday but all the train tickets were sold out so… I am missing Labor Day with my family (which often includes celebrating it outside, near the river and the forest, having a barbeque and all that jazz). But that’s OK because that means I get one more day with my hubby.

But, yeah, for Spring break I am going home to my parents. I’m gonna focus mainly on catching up with the works for school and with spending time with my family, especially my grandparents since grandpa was in hospital last week – now he is home and Mom says he’s feeling fine. And since last time I had a holiday I posted daily I was thinking about doing something similar this holiday too. But since my main focus is family (and studies!!) I will post every other day… or at least I will try to do it.

I don’t really have other plans other than – and I repeat myself once again – family and school. I will probably spend some nights alone in my Aunt’s flat because she celebrates Easter in Cluj (funny, when I’m leaving she is coming here) and someone needs to feed the fish and play Wii all night (though Wii is not funny if you don’t play it with someone else – slumber party, anyone?) and meet with some old friends and I had a special day reserved for my best friend because she doesn’t have a Spring break so she won’t be in town for too long! Other than that… maybe a quick trip in Bucharest because there’s an exhibition at MNAC (National Museum of Contemporary Art) I really really want to see.

That’s about it! Happy Labor Day!!


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