A Spring Picnic

Well… a Summer one since the weather is crazy. So Mih, my dearest friend, suggested we go somewhere near for a picnic and you know that I am crazy for picnics and sometimes I just take my boyfriend and go to the nearest green place and eat on the grass, right? So I was thrilled! More than thrilled actually which is why I convinced my mom to make her delicious pizza with the greatest sauce ever – a secret recipe (it will evolve in a family recipe once she reveals it to me).


So we had pizza, I made a lemonade early in the morning, R. made sandwiches and Mih and her boyfriend brought blankets and snacks and crisps! We didn’t go to the forest near the city, ’cause we find a closer place with cute surroundings.



We met these cute pups and they were adorable. I also loved their Mom. She let the puppies eat the food we gave them even if she was probably hungry too. We also gave them some water. They were so energetic and funny that I couldn’t help but film them in slow motion.


The picnic lasted a few hours, until the sun was too bothersome to stand. We played some card games and kinda did some math because of a certain Russian card game that Diana taught us last Christmas.

There were bugs kinda all over the place but that’s the beauty of a picnic right? I personally had fun because I love everything that has to do with nature (and also observing animals and bird). More pictures here!


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