Otaku Sunday #18: H-manga

I must admit I wasn’t going to talk about hentai manga on this blog, but I have nothing else to talk about (since I already talked about Naruto) so just don’t read if you aren’t interesting or if you are not 18+. It’s simple as that.

Now let’s talk about the type of hentai manga I enjoy – since I don’t masturbate while reading them. So I am looking for H manga that actually have a plot! Again, simple as that – the mature content just makes it more interesting. I have phases with everything and for the last weeks I was really into mature josei stories and then I discovered H manga – the first one with a plot and I didn’t believe they existed, really, but they do so I read it even if the plot wasn’t that good – it was fun. And then I started searching H manga with really interesting plots (the simple idea of just having a plot wasn’t fulfilling anymore) and I discovered the second one (you will soon know what I am talking about).


Virgin na Kankei is the first one I read. It’s about an average dude (because the average reader must identify himself with the protagonist) who sleeps with really great women and actually cheats on his hot girlfriends – not because he want too, but because he has too (mhm…) – and he is never caught! What average dude doesn’t dream of that, really? But even if the plot is not my type (probably because I am not an average dude… or a dude), I must admit the manga was really fun and enjoyable!


Now here is the second one: Nozoki Ana! This manga is f**king awesome! It starts with a guy being obsessed with the existence of a hole in his new flat, but there seems to be nothing on the other side. Until one day when he sees his neighbour masturbating. Ever since that day they kinda form a contract with the following rules: Monday, Wednesday, Friday are his peeping days, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday are hers. And Sunday is the day for Otaku Sunday – kidding, it’s resting day! Not only the story is great, but the art is also remarkable. The mangaka (artist and writer of the manga – sometimes they can be different persons) also has another manga called to Nozomi to Kimio, but the story is about peeping and it kinda makes me think he is either obsessed with peeping or out of ideas (or maybe the subject is very popular) but it’s worth reading just for the art, really!

The H manga with plots are a new territory for me so if there are other great ones be sure to share them with me! Have a lovely week and let’s celebrate an Otaku Sunday that it’s not posted on Monday!


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