Tag: Beauty Things I Suck At

So there is this tag on YouTube (the place where I mainly watch Felicia Day, other nerdy girls, a lot of beauty gurus and food videos) about… beauty things one sucks at – it’s pretty self explanatory. So here’s a list with a lot of beauty things I suck at:

  • blending eye-shadows – this might not be my worst makeup ability, but I am too scared of wearing dramatic eye makeup so I don’t so I am not sure if I am good at blending or not…
  • doing my eyebrows – I know all the beauty gurus out there keep talking about how eyebrows are the frame of our face and that should be the first thing we give attention too…. but I am too lazy in the morning to just do my eyebrows!
  • full body moisturizing – this is a serious one! I know I need it, the three body lotions I ave know that I need them, my skin knows it, my boyfriend doesn’t agree (he hates perfume smells) but… I need it. I am trying to be better at it!
  • painting my nails – this one is killing me because I love painting my nails and I have a lot of nail varnishes but I just can’t wait for the polish to dry!! And I also don’t thing I am doing it right either. But I am pretty good at peeling the polish off my nail and… that’s probably not good for your nails.
  • winged eyeliner – and by that I mean that classic winged eyeliner that everyone is doing… let’s just say I do it in my own way (and it’s cuter!).
  • cleaning my brushes – I am lazy… and I only have like five brushes so just imagine the size of my laziness!
  • heavy foundation – or covering any spot on my face. The spots part I just can’t do it and don’t know how, the heavy foundation I can’t stand it. I don’t even use foundation these days.

And because this is a sad list, I decided to also make one with beauty related thing I am pretty good at:

  • plucking my eyebrows – let me say I am lucky to have natural nice eyebrows and they already have a form so I just have to pluck here and there. And it doesn’t hurt! I don’t know how I do it but it just doesn’t hurt and I am so good that I also do my best friend’s eyebrows.
  • removing my makeup – I just don’t let myself go to sleep until my face is clean and if I am really really tired I do it with a makeup remover wipe.
  • applying red lipstick – and making it last… the same things can be said about dark reds and other dark colours for lips.
  • shaving my legs? – I am just lucky for not having really hairy legs and my legs don’t get weird immediately after shaving and it takes quite a lot of time for the hair to grow back so I guess it’s genetics and not me, but whatever!
  • cleaning my makeup – this is probably the only zone in my life where I am not a hoarder, if a product is really old or it just doesn’t work for me anymore I either give it away or throw it away.
  • nail designs – I might suck at painting the nails… but I am good at making cute designs for my nails… for those 5 seconds until I messed them up before they dry completely.

And this is it. I probably have more but I can’t remember now. What do you suck at and what are you good at? Also… if it’s a tag, then you can do it if you want too!


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