Introducing… The Geeky List!

I feel like I am only introducing blog series I am going to do but never get to do it – truth be told, barely watched any films recently so that’s why my SFC only has the introduction post. But fear not, my readers (if is anyone out there), I promise I will get to it.

As for “The Geeky List”… it’s going to be a list with all of my obsessions. Currently obsessions because… they change quite often. For example, last week I was really intro vampires – speaking of vampires, do you know where I can watch Dark Shadows? the TV show, not Burton’s film -, while this week I found myself obsessed with an old animated show with aliens (Invasion America) and my latest obsession: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, a modern take on Jane Austen’s awesome book Pride and Prejudice! Just search the web series on youtube, but I plan to talk more about it in a future Geeky List post!

Now all I need is for you to recommend me awesome stuff and I am going to check them out – not because I am lacking obsession, but because the more the merrier!


One thought on “Introducing… The Geeky List!

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