Otaku Sunday #19: Scary Monsters

I used to think I’m into vampires, then aliens, then zombies so… it’s decided, I just have a thing for monsters (and not that kind of “thing”), especially the ones that really scare you like those I am going to talk about in this Otaku Sunday!


And for the first (I think… not sure… might be) in this Otaku Sunday series I am talking about an anime from the current season in a post without the rest of the anime from this season! And I have a good reason why: IT’S AMAZING! And I have so many questions! Shingeki no Kyojin is in this world where humans live inside some cages that they built to protect themselves by Titans, huge human-like creatures that don’t have a sex or the need to feed themselves, but enjoy eating people. For a long time humans were safe inside the walls, but one day a huge Titan (so titans are huge compared to humans, but this one is big compare with Titans) appears and break the first wall (there are three walls). And that’s how the story starts!

The art is unique and perfect for the show and the music is gorgeous! But the thing I love the most is the story. What I wrote about the story for now is just a synopsis and you might think it’s not getting any more interested, right? I mean, what can be more interested than the Titan breaking the wall, right? Oh, well, oh, well, just watch the sure and let’s talk about it after.


As for the other monsters we have ZOMBIES! The manga is called Apocalypse no Toride and it’s another recommendation from my friends, Mih (surprise, surprise!). The story is so crazy is good and the art is awesome!! I really don’t know how to talk about this manga, just give it a try and you’re gonna be into it in no minute. The characters are really interesting and now I have to stop writing this post because I want to read the next chapter!


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