Week in Review: Late and Short?

I really wanted to post this yesterday but I kinda felt asleep really really fast. I have no idea why I was so tired, but it doesn’t matter, I am not that late, right? So let’s start reviewing the previous week:

I… lost my keys! I freaked out and to be honest I was more scared because I lost the key from my locker than for the key from the house. But after organizing and cleaning the entire room I managed to find them so I grabbed a bunch of key-chains and added them to my keys to make sure I won’t misplaced them too soon!


I ate a lot of banana pancakes for breakfast! It’s a really easy recipe and it’s delicious and healthy! You only need two ingredients (well, three if you count the oil/butter you use for frying): two eggs and a banana. Mash the banana (I like leaving some chunky pieces in there, but do as you please), then add the eggs and mixed them until you get a mixture like the one in the picture and this is it! Now put it in a pan and do what you always do with a pancake (flip it!).

Speaking of foods and eating, last week was the Food Revolution Day and I cooked a Japanese dish and watched the live footage from Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube! It was really fun and inspired to eat better!


And just a little bit more about food: we ordered pizza! It probably was a bad idea, but it sure was delicious! And also got a new plant! It’s a basil and so far he is not doing well – I am really good at killing plants no matter how hard I try not to!

Now let’s stop talking about food and talk about TV! Most of the TV shows are over, but fear not, others will start (the Spring/Summer season is not as big or interesting as the Fall/Winter one but it’s better than nothing)! Oh, and the nerd won Survivor and lately I’ve been into point-and-click games!


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